Crazy about the sprinklers, huh?

Jenna Cristinziano

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"After the Flood" is the 25th episode of Season 1 of Backstage.


The students have to deal with the fact that the sprinklers have ruined computers, camera equipment, the floors. Sasha and Vanessa question Carly's relationship with Austin.


The music students need to recreate their work for the open house after the fire sprinkler damage to the school destroyed their recordings. Jax reaches his boiling point after what he has been through all semester. Bianca comes clean with Jax, saying she caused Jenna to break up with him, but after she and her girl band perform their new song in class, Jax reveals he has had feelings for Bianca all along.

Vanessa and Sasha warn Carly about Austin after they see his temper, and when she does not listen, Sasha posts Carly and Austin's relationship on TMK. Carly is afraid this will jeopardize her position with the Primas, but the one let go is Sasha. Regarding her dating Austin, Carly calls it quits because, as Vanessa and Sasha have been trying to get her to see, he has failed to treat her with respect.

Julie asks Jenna to help improve her dancing by coaching her. While she has not forgotten Julie's part in Maria's dismissal, Jenna decides to coach Julie, but her allegiance with the dance class is split. Julie sees the honest side of Jenna and encourages her to stand up for herself in dance class.








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