Mr. Park: Any brain waves for the big end of year open house?

Bianca: Girls against boys. Girl band VS Boy band.

— (Scene Taken from: Eyes Forward)

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Maria: You are meant to go to Julliard.

Julie: What if I can't do it without you?

— (Scene Taken from: Step Up)

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Isn't it obvious?! I want you to go!

Austin, to Carly

You know. The exact opposite of how Jax feels. I have to talk to him.


I love this school and I love dancing. But once in a while it would be nice to be noticed.


Alya: Bianca, I know you're into Jax.

Bianca: Jax? Ew! No way.

No! No, that's not it either.

Jax, to Miles

Why do have to be so zen all the time?! It's infuriating!

Jax, to Miles

Why don't you guys take five?

Miles, to the other boys

Jax cannot find out this way!


Look, I get it. You don't want to be seen with a girl who got Maria Schiller kicked out of Keaton. I'll just ask Ms. Heelswel to find me a new coach.

Julie, to Jenna

A: She's married, B: It's pronounced Helsweel, and C: No, you won't.

Jenna, to Julie

Cassandra! I was just coming to find you. I know Primas don't have a social life but I promise I'll make it work. I'll even- Okay. Here? So?

Carly, to Cassandra

I bet you were. Stop talking and start dancing. Show me the routine I taught Amy yesterday to convince me to keep you. I'll let you know before practice.

Cassandra, to Carly

Who do I want to be and who do I not want to be?


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Our song is called "The Fool" and I wrote it for someone who I really care about.


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Wait a second. Does Bianca- Whoa.


I'm sad to report I have to let someone go today. Someone who's hasn't lived up to the Prima code of ethics. That person is Sasha.

Cassandra, to the other Primas

Primas have to trust each other. You broke that trust by outing Carly's relationship on your blog. You're a great dancer and as long as your relationship with Hottie Mac-Filmboy doesn't interfere with that, it'll be none of my business.

Cassandra, to Sasha and Carly

I just wanna know why.

Jax, to Bianca

No thanks.

Carly, to Austin

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