Aidan Gladwell[2] is a student, in Season 2, at Keaton School of the Arts who is studying in the Drama Program.[3]


Keaton School of the Arts

Aidan is now participating in Keaton's Drama Program and seeking to become a famous actor.[3]



Aidan is determined. He is also very protective about those he cares about as shown with George his younger brother.

Physical appearance

Aidan has light skin, brown hair and brown eyes.


George (Brother)

Aidan and George have shown to be very close brothers. George says that Aidan is an amazing brother.

Cassandra Miller (Ex-Girlfriend)

Aidan and Cassandra are no longer in a relationship.

Scarlett Dunn (Girlfriend)

The first time Aidan met Scarlett he was mad at her because she humiliated George during his VP auditions. Scarlett started to like Aidan so in order to impress him she gives George the VP position. Aidan was very happy that Scarlett gave George the position and now they are friends.


Season 2


  • Aidan is an actor/athlete.
  • George is Aidan's little brother.



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