I've got some bad news. You missed a spot.

— to Carly, "Eyes Forward"

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You can't shake me that easily, suds.

— to Carly, "Da Capo"

Is that the Da Boheme girl?

— to Denzel and Scarlett, "Friend or Foe"

Mano A Mano? This is an art school. Not a Clint Eastwood movie. [...] That's gonna be tricky seeing how I'm her director. [...] Aw. Aren't you cute? Sure, I'll back off. But I can't make that promise for your girl. [...] Chill. No stress. It's bad for your health. We wouldn't want you kidney to reject you. Right, buddy? [...] Alya tells me things. Lots of things.

— to Miles, "Step Up"

Isn't it obvious?! I want you to go!

— to Carly, "After the Flood"

This video is my vision! I put it in the hours and it's going on my reel! [...] You know what? Maybe we should get Scarlett back. She's less annoying than you. [...] Right girl. Choose, pal. Me or her.

— to Alya, "Try Again"

Who are you, shrimp?

— to Kit, "Try Again"

What do think you're doing?!

— to Denzel, "Try Again"

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