In "Lose Yourself", Bianca, as requested by Jax, writes poems.


Jax, wanting the "old, annoying" Bianca back, gives Bianca a yellow pad and asks her to write some lyrics for the song that is worth 40% of their overall yearly grade. Bianca has trouble writing lyrics. After an attempt is unsuccessful, Bianca screws up the piece of paper and throws them away. The screwed-up sheets are later found by many students around Keaton, the first being Denzel (who posts it on the noticeboard and describes it as "beautiful").[1]

Hold on Me

Bianca recites one of her poems, during her mid-term exam.

The person who writes the poem remains unknown to the other students, so they label the poet as "The Yellow Pad Poet". Bianca reveals her identity during her and Jax's mid-term exam, in which many of Bianca's poems are incorporated into the song.[2]

Known Poems

The sky
The sky is blue

— "Lose Yourself"

I feel like Jax is a buffoon!

— "Lose Yourself"

Bianca poem

Bianca's poem on the noticeboard.

Never (ever) be ordinary
That's what they say
But how can you be extraordinary with so much noise in the way
Shut down the voices
Turn off the lights
Underneath everything it's my soul that shines bright

— "Lose Yourself" and "Hold On"

You have to stand up tall
And shed that fear that you wear
How can we be our strongest selves
With all that guilt that we bear?

— "Confessional" extra video of "Lose Yourself" and "Hold On"

Take your arms
Stretch them out and see how far they reach
Now, your friends are your ocean
And your love's your beach

— "Hold On"

When they say, "Jump", you say "Yes"
And you do not ask why
Don't even wait until they say "Jump"
'Fore you ask how high

— "Hold On"

These words you read
Do they move you? Do you see yourself?
It's time to put aside your judgement
Put your doubt on the shelf

— "Hold On"

You wanna bring down the bold
Think they deserve your neglect
But The Yellow Pad Poet's
Not who you expect

— "Hold On"


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