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Carly Vanessa season 1 episode 1 "Ready as I'll ever be."

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Bianca confessional season 1 episode 25
Truth: I've been auditioning since I was 3. That's not an exaggeration! I'm a professional. I don't need to be taking a tutorial on auditioning! I should be teaching it!

— "Groups of Two"

I'm sure the ideas will come. How hard can this be?

— "Stand Tall"

Miles is into me. I can tell.

— "Dig Deeper"

Yes. I told Alya to be honest with Miles. I stand by that advice. A true artist needs to learn how to take criticism. When I was Chase on Chase and Chance, I got lots of it. I could've let the criticism destroy me. I could've quit acting altogether. But instead, I channeled it to become a better performer. Sure, I might have had an inkling that Miles couldn't handle the truth, but who knows? He might not ever talk to Alya again. But that's okay because Miles has Jax and Mr. Park and well, moi, of course. Freshman music students spotted cozying up on the field. Is there a love collection? I mean, this picture means nothing. There's obviously no love connection between Miles and Alya! Trust me. After today, those two are done like dinner!

— "Dig Deeper"

I'm sorry. Can I help you? [...] I have no idea what you're on about. [...] Someone vandalized your poster? Sorry, it wasn't me but frankly, you're embarrassing yourself. Queen Frozen got a tiny little fame when it goes straight to her head. You know, the show hasn't even started yet and my mom says early reviews haven't been good.

— to Alya, "The Understudy"

I'm sure you'll do better next time.

— to Denzel, "Lose Yourself"

64%?! At this school, that's basically an F.

— "Lose Yourself"

I'm afraid of being judged for being ordinary.

— to Jax, "Lose Yourself"

Then here's a news flash: I AM the yellow pad poet!

— to Jax, "Hold On"

Sing something, Bianca! Anything! Make a sound come out of your mouth!

— "Hold On"

So, that just happened. The whole school knows that I, Bianca Blackwell, am the Yellow Pad Poet! Jax was right. I had to put myself out there. Jump off that cliff and jump I did. So did Jax. Did you see him playing the flute? My partnership with Jax has been a pleasant surprise. Jax pushed me to be a better songwriter but more than that, he pushed me to be me. I've played lots of roles in my life and I've gotten a lot of prays. But it always felt like my fans didn't like me so much as they like my characters. They like to have Chase could always solve the case and how Lauren could always save the day but the Yellow Pad Poet, she's me. I'm her and from this day on, there's no Yellow Pad Poet. There's only me. Bianca Blackwell.

— "Hold On"

If I will learn anything at this place, it's the friends that mean the most.

— to Alya, "Showtime"

Yes, I missed him. I almost texted him like 100 times but I didn't. I'm not a stalker. Anyway, today's the day. The day I tell Jackson Gardner I like him.

— "Restart"

No, no, no!

— "Restart"

Aw. Do you miss your friend?

— to Miles, "Juggle"

I am done with boys. Done. As friends, as more than friends, as anything! NO MORE BOYS!

— "Eyes Forward"

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Back off, Y Chromosome!

— to Jax, "Eyes Forward"

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I guess I got what I wanted.

— "Eyes Forward"

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[crying] Stop it! I know what I'm doing.

— to Jax and Alya, "Friend or Foe"

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You know. The exact opposite of how Jax feels. I have to talk to him.

— "After the Flood"

NO! Why do you hate romance?!

— to Mr. Park, "Lead the Way"

I've never been on a first date before. Not a real one. [...] Chase has, Lauren, Kate. All my TV characters have but I've never been on a date in real life. [...] I don't wanna be cute. I wanna be memorable. And now that's ruined. I got to get to detention before Park takes away my phone forever.

— to Jax, "Lead the Way"

I could be the star of the next big love story.

— to Jax, "Me"

Everything is complicated with you.

— to Miles, "We"

I didn't get the part in L.A.. You win!

— to Alya, "We"

Sure she is.

— "And We're Back"

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We're over. We are so done.

— to Jax, "Qualifiers: Day 2"

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Kit Dunn. My friend. My ex's new girlfriend. This is going to be awkward.

— "Almost There"

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Once Upon A Time, there was a steadfast tin soldier.

— "Telling Stories"

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