Carly Vanessa season 1 episode 1 "Ready as I'll ever be."

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Biancalya is the pairing between Bianca and Alya.




Season 1

"The First Day"

"Groups of Two"

"Stand Tall"

"Dig Deeper"

"On Deck"

"The Understudy"



  • Bianca mentions Alya.

"Da Capo"

"Friend or Foe"

  • Bianca, seeing how hard Alya and Jax are taking Miles' surgery, offers help writing a song.
  • Alya admires Bianca's strength when she knows just how much Bianca's struggling with the surgery.
  • Alya and Bianca smile at each other after a recording of "Everything's Alright." They compliment, constructively critique, and playfully tease one another.
  • Bianca and Alya visit Miles, in hospital, together.
  • Alya and Bianca look into each other's eyes while singing. Alya wipes a tear from Bianca's face, and the camera pans to focus directly and solely on the two holding hands, tightly. This puts an end to their petty rivalries in the past and opens the doors to a close relationship between them.

"After the Flood"


"Lead the Way"





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