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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Season 1


— to Vanessa, "The First Day"

She chose Vanessa to be a Prima. Not me.

— "The First Day"

Freshman orientation? Oh, gosh. I guess it was kind of embarrassing, things I said to Vanessa. I kinda wish I could take those back but she said some not so nice things to me too like... you know what? It's not important. The dance battle is exactly what we needed. it reminded me why Vee and I are friends in the first place. Dance is how we met. It's this thing that we share that you can explain it to non-dancers. We just get each other. Dance camps, recitals, sleepovers. All of my best memories are dancing with Vanessa. But, I guess lately dance has been what's caused all this fighting.You know what? No. It's not dance. It's this school. It's tough but I need my best friend to survive at Keaton. I know she needs me too. No, we haven't actually talked yet but it's gonna happen. And when we do, it's gonna be just like old times. Right, Vanessa?

— "The Brightside"

Honestly... I do.

— "Take Me Out"

Bravery is rewarded. I have to be brave.

— "In Their Shoes"

I think no matter what he's wearing, all I see is him rejecting me.

— "On Deck"

I guess it wasn't so bad that Sasha set me up to dance for Maria Schiller. Okay, it was pretty awesome. Not that mean Sasha's forgiven because he's not. But who knows? Maybe one day. Oh! Maria's staying as a guest teacher! Isn't that so cool? I mean, she's one of my idols for sure and it would be so nice to have a break from Helsweel. Wait. Ms. Helsweel isn't gonna see this. Right? Ms. Helsweel's a fantastic teacher. Number 1 at Keaton in my opinion. But yeah. I'm excited to learn from Ms. Maria. It would be nice to have someone around who's my side for a change.

— "The Understudy"

Are you okay? You're limping.

— to Vanessa, "Plays Well with Others"

Are you saying that I'm holding her back?

— to Cassandra, "Plays Well with Others"

I can't believe they kicked you out. I'm so sorry.

— to Vanessa, "Plays Well with Others"

That girl's going down!

— "Hold On"

This is a dance studio. Not a skateboard park.

— to Austin, "Eyes Forward"

Green juice for the Primas. Hunter green, not forest. Just the way Cassandra likes it.

— "Eyes Forward"

Primas don't have time for boys. They kick me out that I have life outside of dance.

— to Austin, "Da Capo"

I can't believe this is happening.

— "After the Flood"

Dance with me.

— to Vanessa, "We"

Season 2

Beckett Bradstreet is Helsweel's son?

— to Vanessa, "Gotta Be Strong"

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She changed.

— "Prima Donna"

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That is definitely not wolf music.

— "Two Steps Forward"

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