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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Season 1

Which one of you is Vanessa Morita?

— to Carly and Vanessa, "The First Day"

We need to talk.

— to Vanessa, "The First Day"

Are you ready?

— to Vanessa, "The First Day"

Let's grab some coffees and go over the choreo.

— to the other Primas, "Stand Tall"

Vee, being with the Primas is your chance. But you need to learn your place!

— to Vanessa, "Stand Tall"

What's with the screens?

— to Vanessa, "Stand Tall"

Pull more, don't be a wuss! Ow! What's the matter with you?! [...] Vee! What have I told you about saying sorry all the time? Ballerinas are warriors. We go after what we want. [...] Absolutely not. [...] Ugh! Fight for it! [...] For what? [...] Oh, that's adorable. What's it worth to you? [...] No! Homework. As in if I give you the night off, you do mine for a month. [...] You're lucky I'm in a good mood today.

— to Vanessa, "Dig Deeper"

I might have been in an overslept for like 3 hours. [...] Who cares if it's healthy? I just wanna be the best.

— to Vanessa, "Dig Deeper"


— "In Their Shoes"

You owe me $65 dollars!

— to Julie, "In Their Shoes"

I would not have thrown away a perfectly good pointe shoe!

— to Julie and Scarlett, "In Their Shoes"

This is your fault. Fix it!

— to Julie, "In Their Shoes"

You're late! We start at 8:00 sharp. [...] In ballet, on time means you're late. Step into Amy's spot. You're up.

— to Vanessa, "Plays Well with Others"

There's no time for stretching. Is there a problem? Do you want the spot or not?

— to Vanessa, "Plays Well with Others"

Can we help you?

— to Carly, "Plays Well with Others"

Let's go, guys. Come on. Point your feet! I need that leg higher. Higher! Not bad. It's okay. Stop. Not bad. Take five, everyone.

— to the other Primas, "Plays Well with Others"

What are you doing in here? I said you could take five. I didn't say you could leave the room. [...] Actually, I don't. You know why? Cause I don't have the time for breakups. Dance is my life and it should be yours too. [...] You're an amazing dancer, Vanessa. But do you know how many girls would love to be in your position? Good. So you know how easy it would be to replace you. Now let's get back out there. We have work to do.

— to Vanessa, "Plays Well with Others"

You're Vanessa's best friend, right? [...] You know your friend is amazing. She can go all the way and I don't that about all the Primas like Amy for example. [...] I'm not done. I feel like Vanessa's been really distracted lately. She started showing up late to rehearsals. Not giving it her all when she's dancing. [...] And it would be such a shame for her to fall behind, just because she's being dragged down by her old friends.

— to Carly, "Plays Well with Others"

You told her?! [...] Are you finished? [...] Good. I accept your apology and totally deserve to keep your friends. [...] That being said, we'll be replacing you from the team effective immediately. You are no longer a Prima. [...] We all make sacrifices, Vanessa. Do you think I have any friends left who don't dance? We give up everything to be great: spare time, normal-looking feet, sleep. Our lives are the one thing and one thing only!

— to Vanessa, "Plays Well with Others"

My green juice! Hunter not forest. Well done, recruit. Recruit! Why don't you join us?

— to Carly, "Eyes Forward"

[laughs] Not you. Her.

— to Sasha, "Eyes Forward"

Very impressive. Eyes forward, Carly.

— to Carly, "Eyes Forward"

I cut your little friend from the Primas. I can cut you. Every day here is an audition. Remember that.

— to Carly, "Eyes Forward"

Of course. I'm the dance captain. [...] Please. I'm a professional.

— to Vanessa, "Friend or Foe"

To be honest, I wasn't that impressed. It's a no from me.

— to the Streets, "Friend or Foe"

Congratulations on your big win and on making your powerful new enemy.

— to Vanessa, "Friend or Foe"

I bet you were. Stop talking and start dancing. Show me the routine I taught Amy yesterday to convince me to keep you. I'll let you know before practice.

— to Carly, "After the Flood"

I'm sad to report I have to let someone go today. Someone who's hasn't lived up to the Prima code of ethics. That person is Sasha.

— to the other Primas, "After the Flood"

Primas have to trust each other. You broke that trust by outing Carly's relationship on your blog.

— to Sasha, "After the Flood"

You're a great dancer and as long as your relationship with Hottie Mac-Filmboy doesn't interfere with that, it'll be none of my business.

— to Carly, "After the Flood"

Give them back! [...] I didn't know you could read.

— to Sloane, "Me"

I know. Who do these people think they are? I mean, this is Keaton. Not a daycare.

— to Helsweel, "Me"

Season 2

Auditions are starting. Helsweel got permission for you to cut up early.

— to Carly, "And We're Back"

You think you're so funny.

— to Beckett, "Leading by Example"

Now that's how you do it.

— to Carly, "Leading by Example"

Hey. Ready to go?

— to Aidan, "The One"

We're not using the Vanessa's moves! [...] I know! [...] Because I can't stand her!

— to Carly, "Control"

George is always having a meltdown.

— to Aidan, "Qualifiers: Day 1"

It's not what I want.

— "Qualifiers: Day 1"

Beckett, looks like you have the final vote.

— to Beckett, "Mixing It Up"

Enjoy the win, Carly. Because this is your last day as a Prima.

— "In The Dark"

That's my girl.

— "Prima Donna"

This should be interesting.

— "Not For Sale"

Welcome back, Vanessa.

— to Vanessa, "Hope"