Carly Vanessa season 1 episode 1 "Ready as I'll ever be."

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Coming back to an environment like this always has its complications.

Principal Durani

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"Da Capo" is the 20th episode Season 1 in Backstage and overall. It aired on July 25, 2016 in Spain.


Alya's return to Keaton is met with hostility from her peers. Carly questions her feelings for Austin. Kit attempts to inject her true identity into her music.


Carly has been hanging out secretly with Austin, the film student she encountered shortly after becoming a Prima. After overhearing the gossip about Austin's past relationships, and not knowing the names of his ex-girlfriends, Carly wonders if he truly cares about her when he never refers to her by her actual name. He shows that he does know her name, even though he does not verbally communicate it.

Alya is readmitted into Keaton and becomes aware that she has to work with Bianca this semester for the open house project. Bianca attempts to intimidate Alya after hearing about her giving up Da Bohème to come back to Keaton, but Alya shows Bianca she is not a quitter.

Jax and Kit get into an argument over one of her songs, as in his mind, it brings into question the gender of DJ Diamondmind to fans. Any attempt to tweak the song fails to satisfy Kit, so she sends the original version to her record label, which turns it down. Kit gives Jax credit on the song as an assistant consultant, despite not taking his advice.

Miles receives a call from his mother that a kidney donor has been found, and he is scheduled to have surgery right away.








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