Carly Vanessa season 1 episode 1 "Ready as I'll ever be."

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Denzel Roland Stone is a student at Keaton School of the Arts. He is studying in the Visual Arts Program. In the episode "Lose Yourself", he gets upset when he made a 95% on his assignment, showing that he is an A+ student.



He is an artist. He is talented at creating new designs for clothes. He has a mom, a dad, and three athletic brothers. He considers Julie his artistic mentor.

Keaton School of the Arts

At the school, during "The First Day" Denzel ran by Alya and said "Conquer the world!" Later, he talked briefly to Alya at lunch before he walked away.

  1. In And We're Back..., he texts Scarlett "Missing you." She replies, saying, "You better be conquering the world." He is not in the Season 2 title sequence.



Denzel is friendly and inspiring, as shown when he asked Alya "conquering the world yet?" at lunch he also caring and smart he is also a talented at art

Physical appearance

Denzel has dark skin, and very short dark hair. He is often seen dressed up in a collared shirt with a tie and/or suspenders.

Episode Appearances


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