This project is for Maria. I think she'd want us all to work together.

Julie Maslany

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"Ensemble" is the 24th episode of Season 1 of Backstage.


The freshmen dance class is dead set on getting revenge on Julie for Ms. Maria's firing. Scarlett makes a discovery that unsettles Kit. Vanessa runs interference in Carly's relationship.


After Maria is let go, Julie tries to make it up to the dance class by getting them involved in her art presentation for the open house. Initially, Vanessa and Sasha are the only ones on board, but Carly gets the others to join, though she has a motive to get back at Julie. When Julie talks one-on-one with Carly about Maria always saying that she liked Carly and her dancing

, Carly has a change of heart and needs to defuse her revenge plans. With Vanessa's help, she starts a fire in the school, and the alarm and sprinklers go off.

Carly's attitude toward Julie makes Vanessa wonder why Carly has changed. Vanessa is aware of Carly's dating Austin and tries to unearth the truth about him as Keaton's heartbreaker.

In digging for information about her birth parents, Scarlett unexpectedly comes across a letter that is from those of her sister. Kit refuses to open the envelope and wants it discarded, but Scarlett lets her sister know that she loves her and their adoptive parents, no matter what either finds out about their birth parents. Kit then decides she wants to read the letter, but the fire sprinkler incident ruins it.








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