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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Season 1

Welcome to Keaton School of the Arts. Keaton is the key to your future. Whether it will be a success or a failure is completely up to you. [...] The person you are today will not be the person who will graduate in four years. [...] Statistically, only half of you will make it to graduation. And one of you won't even make it 'til Christmas. Will it be you? [...] If you need a shoulder to cry on, go cry to your mother. Just like in life, this is not a rehearsal. You are constantly being judged. Constantly being evaluated. One misstep could mean the end. [...] ...what each one of you is capable of. [...] So... let's see what you're made of.

— to the Dance Program freshmen, "The First Day"

Vanessa Morita!

— to Vanessa, "The First Day"

And again. And again, and again, and again, and again. That'll do. [...] It's not the worst I've seen.

— to Vanessa, "The First Day"

That will be all.

— to Carly, "The First Day"

Fix that spin... otherwise, not atrocious!

— to Sasha and Carly, "Take Me Out"

Are you a true dancer? You're not honest with yourself. Look inward. Be honest. Otherwise, you may be the next person packing your bags and running home to mummy.

— to Carly, "Take Me Out"

Today, you will audition for the Keaton dance showcase.

— to the Dance Program freshmen, "In Their Shoes"

Mr. Roy! I said pas de chat. Not pas des éléphant.

— to Sasha, "The Understudy"

Ladies! Off the dance floor! Now!

— to Jenna, Carly and Vanessa, "Hold On"

I don't know what to say, Vanessa... perfection!

— to Vanessa, "Twelve Hours to Showtime"

Everything you have worked towards this semester has led to this moment.

— to the Dance Program freshmen, "Twelve Hours to Showtime"

Your technique is lacking that's for sure. And your storytelling needs work. Which is why you need studio time to improve. Cassandra and the Primas will donate one hour of their studio time per week to your little crew.

— to the Streets, "Friend or Foe"

The spot is yours until it's not.

— to the Primas, "Me"

Season 2

I didn't hate it.

— to Mindy, "And We're Back

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Who skipped? Ms. Catto, Mr. Roy, I need a moment alone with Mr. Bradstreet.

— to Carly and Sasha, "The One"

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What could you possibly been thinking? This is happening far too often.

— to Beckett, "The One"

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I am sick and tired of your attitude, young man! [...] Grow up, Beckett. You're not here to make friends. [...] You're here to get your life on track. You've already failed a year. That is quite enough! [...] Beckett!

— to Beckett, "Gotta Be Strong"

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Is there a problem, Mr. Roy?

— to Sasha, "Wrong Side Of A Love Song"

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I've made my decision. I'm disbanding the group. As of today, there are no more Primas.

— "Prima Donna"

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— "Two Steps Forward"

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