[On P.A.] Kit Dunn, come to the office. Kit Dunn, come to the office.

Principal Durani, to Kit

I'm sorry. From, Austin.


Yeah, well don't do me any favors.

Miles, to Alya

All right, dancers! Wake up! Let's go!

Helsweel, to her students

The longer he stays, the more trouble he's going to be in.

Principal Durani, to Kit

All I can think about is the moment that Austin hit his head. What he did to me, to Denzel and Scarlett, it wasn't cool. But what kind of a person am I if I don't text him back too see if he's okay?


Have you seen Denzel? [...] I saw the video. [...] You're being so dramatic! He didn't kick me, he shoved me! [...] Fine. I need to find Denzel! [...] Scarlett, you're not listening to me! I'm not going anywhere until I find Denzel! Will you help me?

Kit, to Scarlett

There you are. [...] No. Are you okay? Everyone saw the video. People said Austin kicked you to the ground- [...] I'll kick him. [...] Durani's on his way and Mom's going to pick us up- [...] Yes, of course I will.

Scarlett, to Kit

What is the matter with you? What were you thinking? You could have hurt some, you did hurt someone! Do you know how much trouble you're in?

Kit, to Denzel

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It's true. He didn't. He fired me from the music video. But honestly, it doesn't matter anymore.


I'm ready to talk.

Denzel, to Principal Durani

It's not a bad start. It's not a bad start at all.

Helsweel, to Carly and Vanessa

But how will it end?


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