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This article contains spoilers from Season 1B (unreleased in Canada) and/or Season 2. If you don't want to learn what happens, do not read on.

Gary Maslany is the father of Julie Maslany and husband of Linda Maslany.



Before the show, Gary, with his wife, arrived in town unemployed. After working hard, Gary became a lawyer.[1] Because of this, he wants Julie, his daughter, "a proper career" and wouldn't approve of her going to Keaton (he doesn't know that she attends Keaton).[1]

Keaton School of the Arts

Gary, with Linda, is invited to see Julie at Keaton by Denzel. He learns that Julie goes to Keaton, an arts school.[2] As a result, they pull Julie out of Keaton. Julie's parents allow their daughter to return to Keaton in Juggle. They ground her for lying and disobedience.[3]



Gary is overprotective and wants the best for his daughter.


Gary is quite tall. He has dark skin, brown eyes and black hair.



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