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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Mr. Gardner, late again! Congratulations! [...] Two more and you'll spend everyday after school emptying spit valves.

Mr. Park, to Jax

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As I was saying, this is one of my favorite assignments because you'll be performing a song from my youth. The 80's. Take inspiration from 80's artists like Prince, Madonna, Echo & the Bunnymen, and compose your own gnarly song. I'm splitting you into two groups. You'll be graded on technique, composition, and lyrics.

Mr. Park, to his students

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What's up with Pretty Boy getting up to waltz in whatever he likes and I get a late slip for already being late?


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It's complicated.


I write TMK: Keaton's gossip blog, and yes, it's the best!


So remember, dairy is death for you throat. No one wants to hear a sound coming from out of your mouth clogged with mucus. So, before any vocal audition, it's the 3 Ws. Water, water and water.

Scarlett, to the students of her mentorship class

Every month, Keaton insists we do mentorship classes. Yes, I'm a mentor! I mean, I'm Scarlett the Starlet. How could I not be? Today's topic: vocal auditions.


♪ Won't you love me? ♪

Scarlett, to the students of her mentorship class

Truth: I've been auditioning since I was 3. That's not an exaggeration. I'm a professional. I don't need to be taking a tutorial on auditioning! I'd be teaching it!


Of course she picks me. Just my luck.


Mr. Park: Jax, no phones allowed in my class.

Jax: Oh. But I'm using it for the project.

Mr. Park: I said no phones.

I'm really starting to hate this girl.


How would I?! He wouldn't let me use my phone!


Sorry. Mr. Park, is it okay that I...?

Miles, to Mr. Park

No one is perfect.

Scarlett, to Alya

Okay. I should not get in the middle of things with these two but getting in the middle of things is kind of my thing.


Your drugs are ready. Drugs. There is no way Park could let this go.


Point taken.


Did you feel that chill?! This is a Cold War, ladies and gents and it's only the beginning.


Like I said, every new classic Keaton has their very own Bianca Blackwell. Mine was Trisha Marmaza. Can you believe she called my voice nasal? I'm sorry. Scarlett the Starlet Nasal? I don't think so. And then, then, she started making fun of my hair. Not that I can what she thought but well, she had that glossy bouncy shampoo commercial hair, and I might've tried straightening mine till it's more like hers. But, don't worry. It didn't take me long to figure out that I was wasting my time trying to impress someone like Trisha. I mean, I love my hair. My hair is beautiful and my hair is me. So, what happened to Trisha Marmaza? She was the Christmas dropout from my first year.


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