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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Cassandra: I feel like Vanessa's been really distracted lately.

Carly: Are you saying that I'm holding her back?
Cassandra: And it would be such a shame for her to fall behind doesn't mean she's being dragged down by her old friends.
Vanessa: I can't believe you asked Carly to back off. Cee's my best friend and if you can't handle that, then maybe I'm not the right girl for your team.
Cassandra: We'll be replacing you on the team affective immediately. You are no longer a Prima.

— (Scene Taken from: Plays Well with Others)

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That girl's going down.


I'm not late am I? Early morning Da Boheme rehearsal.

Alya to Miles and Jax

Should I say something? Tell them it's me?


He's only reminded me 100 times!


That's it for now. Dismissed!

Helsweel, to her students

14's not looking so bad now!


Julie?! No! I actually meant me.

Denzel, to Hudson

I'm gonna be 14.

Denzel, to Kit

Then here's a news flash! I AM the yellow pad poet!

Bianca, to Jax

Has anybody seen my gels!? I swear I put them in my bag this morning.


I want to see technique. I want to see the emotion. Tell the story.

Helsweel, to her students

Ladies! Off the dance floor! Now!

Helsweel to Jenna, Carly and Vanessa

Helsweel: Enough! I saw you shove Ms. Cristinziano.

Jenna: She sure did. Helsweel: And I saw you shove Ms. Catto.</br> Carly: She sure did.
Helsweel: Need I remind you, this school has a zero tolerance policy for fighting. Since you girls insisted on wasting my time, I'll waste yours. Dance drill detention, everyday this week. And Ms. Morita, I expect better from a former Prima.

I can't believe I'm gonna do this.


What are you thinking?

Bianca, to Jax

Like we're jumping off a cliff, we are jumping together.

Jax, to Bianca

Ms. Morita! You just bought yourself 100 more rélévés.

Helsweel, to Vanessa

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Oh, excuse me fo boring you. I'm the one doing all the work here. I don't see you busting out your flute!

Bianca, to Jax

Shhh! I told you not to tell anyone about my classical training.

Jax, to Bianca

Mmm-hmm. Great. Thanks, Diamondmind.


Reminder: I am DJ Diamond Mind and I just left my uncle the weirdest voicemail ever.


Why do I even bother?


Bianca, it's now or never.

Mr. Park, to Bianca

Sing something, Bianca! Anything! Make a sound come out of your mouth!


Hey, are we good?

Miles, to Alya

No! We're not!


How am I suppose to dance and leap when I can barely walk?


So, that just happened. The whole school knows that I, Bianca Blackwell, am the Yellow Pad Poet! Jax was right. I had to put myself out there. Jump off that cliff and jump I did. So did Jax. Did you see him playing the flute? My partnership with Jax has been a pleasant surprise. Jax pushed me to be a better songwriter but more than that, he pushed me to be me. I've played lots of roles in my life and I've gotten a lot of prays. But it always felt like my fans didn't like me so much as they like my characters. They like to have Chase could always solve the case and how Lauren could always save the day but the Yellow Pad Poet, she's me. I'm her and from this day on, there's no Yellow Pad Poet. There's only me. Bianca Blackwell.