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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Jax confessional season 1 episode 25
And to be completely up front with you, because that the kind of guy I am, I'm upfront, like 24/7.

— to Kit, "The First Day"

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DJ G is the real thing. For real.

— "The First Day"

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Who does this guy think he is? He doesn't watch TV?! [scoffs] I mean, even his haircut reeks of pretention.

— "The First Day"

More like depressed mode vibe. It's a snooze fest.

— "Groups of Two"

I found Miles' phone.

— to Mr. Park, "Groups of Two"

Your drugs are ready. Drugs. There is no way Park can let this go.

— "Groups of Two"

Teacher's Pet.

— to Miles, "The Brightside"

Detention is the worst.

— "The Brightside"

I hope he's okay. I mean, it must be tough living with a disease like that.

— "Take Me Out"

Dude is a girl magnet. What's he got that I don't? Certainly not pencils.

— "Dig Deeper"

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When I found out Miles was sick, I felt sorry for him. Not that he knows what I know but now, it's nice to have an actual friend around here.

— "In Their Shoes"

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I need a friend here to make this crazy place too much crazy.

— to Miles, "In Their Shoes"

Victory is mine!

— "On Deck"

Dope track, right? Yeah, well it's not hers!

— to the others, "On Deck"

What?! Are you gonna hit me?!

— to Kit, "Sotto Voce"

I just took a look where you got these samples but you made them because you're DJ Diamond Mind!

— to Kit, "Sotto Voce"

We're all afraid of being judged.

— to Bianca, "Lose Yourself"

Did I think Bianca would actually quit Keaton? Yeah, right. The girl's got too much pride. I mean, yeah, I thought about it. Sure. Like when I discovered Kit's amazing tracks right before our deejay battle. But I mean, now that I know that she's DJ delightful, she's a really delightful deejay! What I'm trying to say is uh, Oh here! You have to stand up tall and shed that fear that you wear. Fear, that's it. We all have it. We all want to be the best but it's really not a competition. We each bring a different flavor to this party, even Bianca, and why I knew she'd stay. Yeah, it's weird. I found this in the Music Room. It's like someone left it there on purpose. Delightful? Really, Jax?

— "Lose Yourself"

Dude! Just take a hint!

— "Juggle"

Miles! Come on, man! Just go!

— to Miles, "Juggle"

(sobbing) She won't even tell me why she was breaking up with me. [...] I don't know why she broke up with me. We had everything. It was perfect.

— to Miles, "Eyes Forward"

They're OTP. Calling it now. I know. I've become Sappy Sapperton. But give me a break. I just had my heart broken. Okay?

— "Once in a Lifetime"

What's up, what's up, what's up, Dunn sisters? Getting stuff Dunn?

— to Kit and Scarlett, "Ensemble"

Who runs into a burning building?!

— "Ensemble"

Wait a second. Does Bianca- Whoa.

— "After the Flood"

I just wanna know why.

— to Bianca, "After the Flood"

It's just a first date. It's no big deal.

— to Bianca, "Lead the Way"

Kit, it's what your birth parents would have wanted.

— to Kit, "We"

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Keep on digging, Jaxy boy. Keep on digging.

— "We"

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