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Carly Vanessa season 1 episode 1 "Ready as I'll ever be."

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Jianca is the romantic pairing between Jax and Bianca.



The first romantic feeling was on Jax's side. He asked Bianca if she wanted to go to the ballet with him. Bianca accepted. Later she asked if Ivy could sit with them because her parents couldn't make it, not realizing Jax had asked her out. Later in the episode, Bianca began to have feelings for Jax. (Showtime) In the second semester, Jax returned with Jenna as his girlfriend. Bianca got jealous and asked Miles to find out if Jax still liked her more than Jenna. Miles found out that Jax liked Jenna more than Bianca, but lied to spare her feelings. (Restart)



"The First Day"

"Take Me Out"

"Dig Deeper"

"Lose Yourself"

"Hold On"

  • Jax tells Bianca that he's classically trained in seven different instruments, something he's never told anyone before



"After the Flood"

"Lead the Way"





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