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Today, Helsweel's choosing a new prima to replace Van- she who shall remain nameless.


Will you be mine?

Sasha, to Vanessa

Praise the dance gods!

Sasha, to Carly

The leotards incident has been forgiven, but never forgotten.

Helsweel, to Sasha

It's a great job! I love it. And now that Julie's back, I have to give it up?


I get to keep being prez! Yay!


I'm pretty sure he came up with that.


What happened to silent observer?


Miles, I need to chat with Jax. Do you mind ducking out for a sec?

Kit, to Miles

Dude! Just take a hint!


Miles! Come on, man! Just go!

Jax, to Miles

Aw. Do you miss your friend?

Bianca, to Miles

And that is why guys don't talk.


You're gone, you're back. You're prez, you're non-prez.

Scarlett, to Julie

May the best prez win.

Scarlett, to Julie

♪ Art is I and art is wise
Art falls short when art complies
Forwards word fall
Minds are blown
Solo, lonely, leave alone
Art is she and art is he
Never selfish, art is me ♪


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Denzel: Is it possible that we can compromise where we-

Julie/Scarlett: No!

You know what, prez? We are going to be a killer team.

Scarlett, to Julie

Well, hopefully Cassandra will have anything to say. She can't stand Carly.

Vanessa, to Sasha

He misses Alya.


The newest addition to the Primas will be... Carly and Sasha! Congratulations to our two new recruits.

Helsweel, to her students