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She is the Visual Arts Program. She's the most talented kid in the school.

— Vanessa, to Jenna, "The Brightside"

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Julie Maslany is a student at Keaton School of the Arts. She is studying in the Visual Arts Program and is a mentor. She is the co-student president at Keaton.



Julie was born to two successful parents who are of different races (Her dad's African Canadian while her mom's Asian Canadian) believes art to be a hobby rather than a career.[Reference needed]

Freshman & Sophomore Year (Implied)

Although, there is not much in the way of her freshman and sophomore years, it was known that she attended Keaton, but her parents believed that she attended a different school. In order to keep up the guise, Julie arrived at school early in the morning in order for her to change out of the uniform of the school that her parents believe she attends and into whatever clothes she chooses. She stashed the uniform in the vent above the washroom stall to retrieve late.[1]

Junior Year

Julie continues to attend Keaton after heavy expectations from her parents when Denzel accidentally reveals the secret to Julie's parents.

After Scarlett sees Julie wearing the uniform of the school that her parents believe she attends, she reveals to Scarlett that her parents are unaware that she attends Keaton.[Reference needed]

Julie bonds with Miles one day,[2] but is unaware of his name. Thus, when she receives a message from somebody named Miles that asks her out, she is unaware of who the message is from. She eventually realizes who it is and accepts Miles' proposal, although tells him that they have to wait until after mid-terms.[3]

Julie feels bad for Denzel after learning of how unsupportive his parents are of his skill in art. She purchases two tickets for his parents and urges them to go to the concert so that they can see his costumes.[4] Julie is in disbelief when Denzel tells her that after doing some digging, he contacted her parents, especially as they stand right in front of her.[5]

Julie's parents pull her out of Keaton. They ground her for lying and disobedience. Julie is eventually permitted back in, but now with strict expectations upon her. Julie learns that the Juillard auditions will be taking the same day as the PSATs. After Ms. Maria tells her that people would pay others to write their essays in college, Julie decides to pay somebody to write her PSATs so that she can do the audition. Although Julie receives exceptional scores on the test and shortlisted for Juilliard, she is racked with guilt and eventually comes clean. Julie is reprimanded for her actions, but her parents realizes that she has too much pressure on her and forgive her. Julie is grounded for cheating on her PSATs.

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She is smart and caring. She has a passion for the arts and loves to show her creativity in her art. Even though she seems like the most talented girl at Keaton she is hiding a lot of secrets.

Physical appearance

Julie has dark skin, black wavy hair, and dark brown eyes.

She dresses up in something different everyday. She has a very unique fashion sense.  



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  • Julie is class president of the Visual Arts Program.[Reference needed]
  • Julie can play the electric violin.[2]
  • Julie has not given a Confessional before.
  • She knows the heimlich.
  • Julie comes from a bi-racial family. Julie's father is African Canadian and her mother is Asian Canadian.
  • Julie doesn't like algebra.


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