Welcome to Keaton School of the Arts - the key to your future. Statistically, only half of you will make it to graduation.

Ms. Helsweel, "The First Day"

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Keaton School of the Arts is the main setting in Backstage.


Keaton School of the Arts is a prestigious academy for the arts; statistically, only 50% of students make it to graduation.[1]


Keaton School of the Arts is a large, four-year school, with a sign printed at the front of building that reads the school name. It has colorful hallways and has multiple classrooms. For instance, there is a dance studio with bars and mirrors, a music class with music stands and a piano, and a Production class with computers with musical programs.

The school has at least four different Programs for students: the Music Program, the Dance Program, and the Visual Arts Program, with a Drama Program that is featured in Season 2.[2] Students may have a concentration in a subject of one Program, like Carly Catto and Vanessa Morita who are in the Dance Program but focus on ballet.

The school also has traditional classes, such as math, science[1] and English.[3]

Hundreds of students attend the school and there are fifty students in the freshman class.[4]

Current Students





Unknown Grade

Former Students

Known Staff




  • In real life, the school is called Fisherville Senior Public School.


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