Kenzel is the non-canon pairing between Kit and Denzel.



Season 1

"Stand Tall"

  • They have plans to go for milkshakes after school.
  • Kit tries to cheer him up by having Julie look at his work.

"Take Me Out"

  • Kit and Denzel are paired with Scarlett.
  • Kit tells Denzel that she and Scarlett are sisters albeit by adoption.

"The Understudy"

"Hold On"

  • Denzel tells Kit that he's going to be 14.
  • Kit lets Denzel design DJ Diamondmind's cover art.
  • Kit tries to cheer up Denzel.


"Friend or Foe"


  • Kit is worried that Denzel is going to be kicked out of school.
  • Kit and Denzel hold hands.



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