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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Season 1

[sigh] This is going to be interesting.

— "The First Day"

Of course he named it.

— "Stand Tall"

Well, this is gonna be great.

— "Take Me Out"

Typical Scarlett. Always wanting to boss everyone around.

— to Scarlett, "Take Me Out"

So, the cat's out of the bag. Scarlett the Starlet is my sister. Not that it was a secret. I mean, we have the same last name. It doesn't take a detective but yeah. I guess I haven't got out of my way really broadcast to the world either. I love my sister. I do. But face it, a time she can be a little me me me and I'm just not comfortable with that kind of attention. I mean, who wants to be in the spotlight all the time. It's always been that way. There are these home videos of me and Scar. Family vacations, holidays, you name it. Scarlett's one singing, dancing, putting on a show. It's amazing, I haven't had any record from my childhood at all. But my dad, he'd always zoom in to find me in the background. Playing by myself or listening to a track on my headphones, lost in my own thoughts. So, yeah. That's what things have always been but I mean totally on her sure I could use a little more of her confidence. The thing is if no one's watching then no one has to see you fall, right?

— "Take Me Out"

My tracks will destroy yours!

— to Jax, "On Deck"

I can't. I just can't.

— "Sotto Voce"

Keep your voice down!

— to Jax, "Sotto Voce"

You do have nodes.

— to Scarlett, "The Understudy"

Another nodes scare. She does this all the time.

— "The Understudy"

What do you want? Of course you do.

— to Scarlett, "Plays Well with Others"

He's only reminded me 100 times!

— "Hold On"

I can't believe I'm gonna do this.

— "Hold On"

Reminder: I am DJ Diamondmind, and just left my uncle the weirdest voicemail ever.

— "Hold On"

Why do I even bother?

— "Hold On"

James, no time to walk like a turtle! Let's go, people! We haven't got all day! Fix that light! I asked that guy to be dropped like an hour ago!

— to the others, "Showtime"

Girls don't just come with a manual that apply to each and everyone of us. We're all different.

— to Jax, "Showtime"

So does all of Keaton, Take a number!

— to Jax, "Showtime"

You gotta role with the punches people! You're on in 30 seconds.

— to Miles and Alya, "Showtime"

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Carly Catto? You're the understudy, right? [...] Hey! The show is still happening.

— to Carly", "Showtime"

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Miles, I need to chat with Jax. Would you mind ducking out for a sec?

— to Miles, "Juggle"

I've been killing myself to make each track on DJ Diamondmind's new album something totally original. It's finally paying off.

— "Da Capo"

Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut and my gut says this is the way to go.

— to Jax, "Da Capo"

I promise I wouldn't get mad.

— "Ensemble"

What's to be curious about? I know who my parents are. Nicholas and Amy Dunn. They live on 484 Stonemill Crescent and have an inexplicable love of garden gnomes and mashed potatoes.

— "Ensemble"


— "Ensemble"

No way! Austin's gotta go!

— "Try Again"

How could you agree to this?! What were you thinking?! You say no, Jackson! You say no!

— to Jax, "We"

You what?! Thank you! Thank you so much.

— to Jax, "We"

[reading] "Dear Katherine." How do they know my name? "We've asked that your adoptive parents name you after your grandmother: Katherine Wilder. An amazing strong person who left this world too soon. One day, we hope that you'll find this letter and know how hard this decision has been for us. That we're doing this for you. Because we believe that Mr. and Mrs. Dunn will give you a better life that we can in our situation." [crying]

— "We"

Forget what I said! Scarly, are you okay?

— to Scarlett, "We"

Denzel's going to be devastated that Scarlett can't sing for the live finale. But what choices do we have?

— "We"

Season 2

I hate when Jax is right.

— "And We're Back"

DJ Diamondmind is retiring forever.

— "In Her Shadow"

Only one person call me that. When you spend two months on a tour bus, you get nicknames.

— "Qualifiers: Day 2"


— to Katy, "Qualifiers: Day 2"

Jax, I can't even right now

— to Jax

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If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a DJ butchering my tracks

— to Jax

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I didn't tell you.. cause you're the one that matters the most

— to Jax

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Why are you acting like you're in a spy movie?

— to Jax

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I need a break. [...] No. From Keaton.

— to Principal Durani, "Clear Eyes"

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