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You can't quit! You're the one who told Durani we'd lead the way with fundraising!

Sasha Roy

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"Lead the Way" is the 28th episode of Season 1 of Backstage.


Denzel and Scarlett try to make a new concept for the music video. Jax and Bianca go on their first date. Carly finds out Sasha and Vanessa kissed.


Denzel struggles as the director of his music video as his vision is not coming across clearly to his dancers. His unclear commands such as "Rachel, maybe we need to pick up the pace. But also, Justin, maybe we need to slow it down...Whatever feels right," makes it hard for the dancers to perform the way he wants. As Denzel sees the job as being the boss, Scarlett encourages him to approach it differently, being more a leader than the boss. The change results in better communication with his dancers.

Bianca is ready to date Jax but suffers a setback in planning it. Park catches her taking a phone call about a reservation during class, leading to her phone being confiscated plus detention. Jax salvages Bianca's effort by finding a way to join her in detention for their date.

The open house is nearing, but ticket sales are falling short of expectation, particularly for a fundraiser being held by Vanessa, Carly, Jenna and Sasha to help pay for what was lost or damaged due to the fire sprinklers. As they prepare to attract more people from a bigger venue, a new mysterious text pops up, this time exposing Vanessa and Sasha's kiss to everyone at Keaton. While the text upsets the two and Carly, Sasha realizes his deleted TMK blog account is being hacked, later discovering Jenna is behind it, and those texts.






  • It is revealed that Bianca has never been on a date before in real life.
  • Bianca and Jax almost kiss but are interrupted by Mr. Park.
  • Jax broke Bianca's i-Phone (thinking its was Mr. Park's) to get a detention.
  • Once Jax broke his cousin's i-Pod so his cousin shaved his eyebrow off.
  • Jenna's locker combination is Sasha's birthday.
  • Jenna is revealed to be the one who sent the text messages and posted the picture on TMK.
  • Austin, Principal Durani, and Julie are mentioned in this episode.



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