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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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If Carly's not hurt, Vee won't be mad. Carly's fine.


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Scar, I'm so excited you're back in the project! You're gonna love the concept I came up with as the new director.

Denzel, to Scarlett

Me too. Impress me.

Scarlett, to Denzel

Austin got out of the hospital and he didn't have a concussion. Thank goodness he's gonna be fine. I have meetings with Durani on a regular basis and have detention. Lots of detention. But besides that, things are starting to be normal.


The Diamondmind concert where Jax and Jenna met?!


D, I think the whole school heard you.

Scarlett, to Denzel

Ms. Blackwell? No calls in my class, Bianca. Put the phone away.

Mr. Park, to Bianca

No! Why do you hate romance?!

Bianca, to Mr. Park

I'll explain that to you this afternoon in detention.

Mr. Park, to Bianca

Denzel: You haven't seen Julie, have you?

Scarlett: Nope. Why?

Denzel: I need to talk to someone.

Scarlett: Hello?

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I've never been on a first date before. Not a real one. [...] Chase has, Lauren, Kate. All my TV characters have but I've never been on a date in real life. [...] I don't wanna be cute. I wanna be memorable. And now that's ruined. I got to get to detention before Park takes away my phone forever.

Bianca, to Jax

Let's get the energy up in here!

Scarlett, to the others

Ah! Ewww!


Mr. Park: Mr. Gardner, what are you doing in here?

Jax: Making memories, sir.

Mr. Park: Go make them somewhere else.

That's right! I said it! I don't like your face!

Jax, to Bianca

I don't hate romance.

Mr. Park to Bianca and Jax

Hey! This is still detention.

Mr. Park to Bianca and Jax

Jax knows Diamondmind, and he owed me one.


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