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Carly Vanessa season 1 episode 1 "Ready as I'll ever be."

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Everywhere feels like home... as long as I'm with you.

Alya to Miles, , "Da Capo"

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Milya is the canon pairing between Miles and Alya.



Miles and Alya met on "The First Day". In this episode, Miles tries to cheer Alya up after the constant insults that Bianca says about her. He even got her to smile during lunch. While Alya was leaving a message for her home about her decision of dropping out of Keaton, Miles over heard and apologized. He also told Alya that he doesn't believe that she'll actually drop out because she's too talented. In a confessional scene, she admits that he's super cute and nice, but quickly regrets it seeing as it is her first day at Keaton.

Several episodes later, in "Dig Deeper", Miles ask Alya to be his partner for an assignment. She thought she would ask Bianca to be his partner but he said that she doesn't need his help since the last song she wrote was a hit (he smiled as if he knew that Alya helped her on "Stand Tall"). While they were trying to write a song, they keep being interrupted by Bianca, so they decided to work somewhere else. While they were writing in the hallway, they had different ideas of what the song should be about. Alya wants it to have feeling and a story but Miles wants to make it about money and riches. "Shallow guy stuff" as Alya told Bianca after she asks how was their partnership working. Bianca advised her to give criticism to Miles, see if he can handle it. When they wore writing by the stairs, Alya reminded Miles that the assignment is worth 40% of their grade and how his song doesn't have a story etc. Miles got quiet. Alya goes to Jax asking him if he's seen Miles. They talk for a bit and Jax recommended her to cut him 'some slack', sometimes we don't know what's really going on in their lives. Just when Alya thought that she blew it with Miles, he walks into the classroom tells her that they need to talk. They go outside and Miles said that he's been thinking about what Alya said. He sings Dig Deep; Alya joining him at the end. In the confessional video, Alya thinks that the song is about her.

In the episode "In Their Shoes", Alya finds out about Miles' illness. Then on "Sotto Voce", Miles is forced to share the music room with Julie which in the end they became friends.

Later on "The Understudy", after Alya got the role of Young Mimi for the hip-hopera ("On Deck"), Alya meets some fans on her way to school. When she arrives into the music room, Miles asks her for her autograph and after they practice their song again, only this time, Alya sings it. Miles stops playing his guitar and tells her that her voice is amazing, it's all her. Alya tells him that it isn't her it's the hip-hopera. Miles suggests that she should give herself more credit, that she beat hundreds of people for the role and she deserves it. He reminds her that there's a difference between acting like a diva and having self confidence. Later on when she saw that her poster got vandalized, she assumed that it was Bianca who did it. After accusing Bianca in front of the class, Alya found out that it was Miles who vandalized her poster; he thought she could take a joke.

In "Plays Well with Others", Alya overheard Miles telling Jax that he was going to ask a girl out. Assuming that Miles was talking about her, Alya asks him out, after he was rejected by Julie. He agrees to go on a date with Alya. When they were getting ready to go, Julie goes up to Miles apologizing that she didn't knew who he was. Julie said that she would love to hang out after mid-terms and Miles accepts - in front of Alya! He couldn't believe what he said and was hoping that she didn't over hear. On Alya's side, she's angry about it. She said in a confessional video that she wants to get this date over with and after, never talk to Miles again. During a confessional video, Miles said he viewed Alya (replaced name with Alana) as a friend but he also mentioned that he ruins thing with her, he'll never forgive himself.

In "Hold On", Miles asks Alya if they're good after what had happen the other day with Julie. Alya just nods but in reality, she says they're not.

In "Twelve Hours to Showtime", Alya is late for their rehearsal for their partnership assignment. Miles asks her how was opening night and she went on. However, Miles is getting tired of hearing about Da Boheme but he decides to play it cool so that she will too. They practice their song but Alya forgets the words. On the other hand, Alya messes up because she was unaware that Miles changed the harmonies. This happens during many rehearsals she'd missed. She gets frustrated that everyone takes school so seriously and what's out there, that is real. Miles kept his calm and suggested they practice. But the too kept silent. Later, Miles was walking with Jax, telling him he is sure that Alya is practicing the song and knows how important their assignment is. However, they walk in front of the music room, seeing Alya talking about her show. Miles gets worried that they are getting an F. Jax tells Miles that drastic times calls for drastic measures. Miles knew what Jax meant and said that he would never use his illness as an excuse. While they were about to go on, Miles goes to Park and lies to him, saying that he'd been in and out of the hospital. Park gives them an extension, Miles feeling guilty. Alya asks Miles when are they up and he says that he's got them an extension. Alya was wondering why and when Miles explains that she is not ready and tells her that he lied. She asks why but Miles says that he did her favor and should say thank you. However Alya tried to assure Miles that it's ok that she messed up and she has the whole opera in her head. Miles tells her that she's not that girl he met the first day of school. Alya says that she doesn't want to that girl ever again and she leaves. Later, Park finds out that Miles lied to him and now, he and Alya will have to perform on that night's show intermission.

Two hours until showtime and Miles is looking for Alya. Alya was in a classroom p, hearing a voice mail from Mrs. Blackwell. She invited her to go on the Da Boheme tour. Alya has to decide to go or to stay. While she was walking around school, she thinks about the changes between the first day and now. Then, she hears and sees Miles talking to Julie about his and Alya's situation. She overhears Miles saying that she never belonged at Keaton and calling her a horrible, self-centered, egotistic brat. Alya left sad and angry. Julie, on the other hand tries to reason with Miles to look at it from Alya's side, how it must be hard handling both things. Miles at first didn't care, but when Julie told him to find a replacement, he said he couldn't, it's their song and with Alya's voice, no one can do it as good, he realized he did. He finds her, cleaning out her locker and asks what she's doing. Alya said that she's done with Keaton and everyone in it, especially him. She tells him that the only reason why he's being nice is because he wants his 40% from Park. Miles apologized for what he said earlier and said that he never meant to hurt her. Alya wants Miles to admit that he never wanted to do on a date with her, to which he stayed silent. She adds that Da Bohème is going on the road and she's going with the following week. Miles admits that he thinks that she's the most talented person he's met and he's really proud of the song that they made together. Alya just said that she didn't never belonged at Keaton and now it's time to accept that the whole thing was just a wrong mistake.

Just before show time Alya shows up , surprising Mile's and Scarlett (who was acting as Alya's replacement ) Scarlet leaves and Miles and Alya begin practicing, after Vanessa breaks her ankle, Kit calls them on stage and they perform dig deeper, ending the song holding hands . After exiting the main stage Miles tells Alya that he's glad she changed her mind about leaving , Alya reveals she still intends on leaving , and then exits leaving an upset Miles behind.


"The First Day"

"The Brightside"

"Dig Deeper"

"In Their Shoes"

"The Understudy"

"Plays Well with Others"

"Hold On"

"Twelve Hours to Showtime"




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