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Maria Schiller is a famous star choreographer who is also a former student at Keaton School of the Arts. She returns to help the freshmen for their dance showcase and stays for a while longer due to Miss Hannah being occupied.[1] However, she gets fired in "Step Up" and is no longer a teacher at Keaton.



Maria used to dance at the National Ballet. Due to an injury, she is no longer a member of it and cannot dance.

She possibly got married at some point, then she had quadruplets.[2]

Keaton School of the Arts

Maria, before the show, danced at Keaton as a student in the Dance Program.[2]

Maria arrives at Keaton to polish up Step, Sister!, promising not to disappoint.[2] She tells the dancers to take a break from the showcase and makes them learn a recreational hip-hop routine, for Vanessa's sake in order for her to relax and have fun.[3]

Maria rescues Carly who had been locked in the changing room by Vanessa to prevent her from telling anyone about her ankle injury.[4] Maria is told by Sasha, who at some point, confesses to Maria about Vanessa's ankle. As a result, Maria lectures Vanessa and tells her not to dance but she is pleaded by Vanessa to dance. Maria lets her dance. Maria is in the judging panel and watches as Vanessa falls resulting in her being hospitalized.[5]

After the showcase, Maria continues to teach at Keaton and strictly tells Vanessa not to dance.[1] However, she lets Vanessa be a choreographer[6] and even lets her dance crew get some studio time.[7]

Maria, with a friend from Juilliard, finds Julie dancing in the courtyard. As Julie is offered an audition at Juilliard, Maria encourages her to take the audition over her PSATs. Maria also mentions how students at her university paid people to write other people to sit exams for them but she discourages Julie to do so.[8] It is found out that Julie paid someone else to do well on her PSATs and Maria is said to have told her of it. As a result, Maria is fired from Keaton.[9]



Maria is a kind and encouraging individual. As a teacher, she is kind but can be firm when she needs to be. However, her kindness can get in the way of her strictness, seen as how she let Vanessa dance in the showcase causing her to fall on her ankle.[5] She is very honest seen as she owns up to telling Julie of how people at university paid people to do exams for them.[9]

Physical appearance


Maria has light skin, brown eyes, and strawberry blonde hair that is usually in a bun.


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Maria usually wears greens.


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