And then there's me.

Jax Gardner

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"Me" is the 29th episode of Season 1 of Backstage.


The students of Keaton struggle to get everything in order for the showcase. Carly and Vanessa find themselves on opposing sides of a Keaton dance rivalry. Bianca may have the opportunity of a lifetime. Julie and Miles struggle to stay just friends.


The Streets feel they belong in the open house. While Helsweel tells them that they and the Primas cannot both be showcased, and that Francesco Gilles, the scout from Juilliard, is coming to Keaton again to look for the best performers, she allows the Streets a chance to show whether they are ready. Vanessa and Carly find their friendship tested once again with this dance rivalry, plus Carly's potential spot in Juilliard's summer program is at stake.

Although Alya is feeling secure with Miles after their discussion on trust, she becomes reminded about when he was involved with Julie. Alya realizes it is in the past and is willing to let Miles help Julie with her open house project which is experiencing audio trouble. Once he fixes the problem, the two nearly exchange a kiss.

Denzel has Scarlett record many takes of her song for his music video, which leads to stress on her voice. Scarlett is also preparing the introductory speech for the open house, but while rehearsing her speech, she struggles talking through it.

Bianca gets a callback on a movie role; if she gets the part, she will be in Los Angeles during the summer. Jax worries that he will lose her, but Bianca assures him that she will not leave him.








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