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That's my boyfriend. Yes, Miles was jealous of Austin. But things are better now. We had a bumpy patch and now he trusts me. We trust each other. What was that?!


Fantastic, guys! You really outdated yourselves.

Mr. Park to Jax, Zachary

Give them back! [...] I didn't know you could read.

Cassandra, to Sloane

I've known 100 Cassandra's.

Sloane, to Vanessa

She's the leader of the Primas, so the Primas are untouchable.

Sasha, to Sloane

No one's untouchable.

Sloane to Vanessa and Sasha

Love story?! Kissing?! L.A.?!


I would do a comedy monologue like Taylor Swift hosting SNL.

Scarlett, to Julie

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C'mon Scarlett. Think of something.


Funny's my middle name. Scarlett Funny Dunn. Funny Dunny. Is that funny?

Scarlett, to Julie

Excuse me, drama orphans. But we are in the middle of a rehearsal.

Helsweel, to Sloane

Tell teach what you just told me.

Sloane, to Vanessa

Scarlett! We have a music video to prep, your music video, which your the star off! Stop trying to hog the spotlight!

Kit, to Scarlett

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But I'm short-listed and now he's gonna see Vanessa dance instead and I realized that she's better than me and... Breathe, Carly. Breathe.


Cassie's actually been really supportive of me ever since I admire her.

Carly, to Vanessa

I know. Who do these people think they are? I mean, this is Keaton. Not a daycare.

Cassandra, to Helsweel

I'll let you know my decision tomorrow.

Helsweel, to the Streets

Welcome parents, students, and most importantly, talent scouts. My name is Scarlett Dunn. S-C-A-R-L-E-TT. I kid. Welcome to Keaton School of the Arts, where no one is ordinary and everyone is extraordinary. [coughing] [clearing throat]