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Meet is a series of extra videos for Backstage.


Meet...from Backstage shows the personality of the different characters that appear in Backstage.


Portrayed by

Videos of Family Channel

Meet Miles from Backstage

Josh Bogert
Meet Miles from Backstage00:29

Meet Miles from Backstage

Meet Vanessa from Backstage Devyn Nekoda
Meet Vanessa from Backstage-000:29

Meet Vanessa from Backstage-0

Meet Alya from Backstage Aviva Mongillo
Meet Alya from Backstage00:29

Meet Alya from Backstage

Meet Carly from Backstage Alyssa Trask
Meet Carly from Backstage00:29

Meet Carly from Backstage

Meet Scarlett from Backstage Mckenzie Small
Meet Scarlett from Backstage00:29

Meet Scarlett from Backstage

Meet Bianca from Backstage Julia Tomasone
Meet Bianca from Backstage00:29

Meet Bianca from Backstage

Meet Julie from Backstage Kyal Legend
Meet Julie from Backstage00:29

Meet Julie from Backstage

Meet Jax from Backstage Matthew Isen
Meet Jax from Backstage-000:24

Meet Jax from Backstage-0

Meet Kit from Backstage Romy Weltman
Meet Kit from Backstage-000:24

Meet Kit from Backstage-0

Meet Sasha from Backstage Colin Petierre
Meet Sasha from Backstage-000:24

Meet Sasha from Backstage-0

Meet Jenna from Backstage Adrianna Di Liello
Meet Jenna from Backstage00:24

Meet Jenna from Backstage

Meet Denzel from Backstage Isiah Hall
Meet Denzel from Backstage00:24

Meet Denzel from Backstage

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