Mianca is the non-canon pairing between Miles and Bianca.


In "Dig Deeper" Bianca seems to have developed a one-sided friendship for Miles. Recently Bianca seems to view Miles as a good friend.


"The First Day"

"Stand Tall"

"Dig Deeper"



"Friend or Foe"

  • Bianca, seeing how hard Alya and Jax are taking Miles' surgery, offers help writing a song. She's also very emotional over the transplant.
  • Bianca is trying hard not to think about the fact that Miles is in surgery, but then breaks down in tears after dwelling on it for no more than a few seconds. She really, genuinely cares about Miles.
  • Alya states "[Miles] means something to all of us," when talking to Bianca and Jax.
  • Miles reaches out to hold Bianca's hand.


In "We," Bianca sees miles playing guitar on the field during a morning run. She remarks that he's at school early. She proceeds to question what he's thinking about, and he replies, "Nothing." She thinks this is ridiculous, and Miles realizes that he can't just get her to leave him alone. He says that it's complicated, and Bianca worries about his kidney. Miles explains that, no, it's not his kidney that's bothering him. It's the almost-kiss he had with Julie. Before, Miles would've never trusted Bianca with this information. But, now, he even trusts her to give him advice. This scene is cut short when Bianca gets a call-back about her audition in LA.



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