Carly Vanessa season 1 episode 1 "Ready as I'll ever be."

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Milax is the non-canon pairing between Miles and Jax.




"The First Day"

"Groups of Two"

"The Brightside"

"Take Me Out"

"In Their Shoes"

Before Miles passes out in Episode 7, he tells Alya to 'Get Jax'. The Jiles/Milax following enjoy this moment because Miles could've called for anyone; the hospital, an ambulance, his parents or a teacher. His choice to call for Jax shows that he respects and trusts Jax with his life, even though they had an argument earlier that day.

"On Deck"

"Plays Well with Others"

"Hold On"

"Twelve Hours to Showtime"



"Eyes Forward"

"Once in a Lifetime"

"Friend or Foe"

  • Alya approaches Jax at the piano bench. Jax is not handling Miles' surgery well, evidenced by his conversation with Alya (he starts off the conversation with "Tough day, huh?") Jax and Alya (who has a canon crush on Miles) feel the same way: they don't know what to do with themselves. Jax is checking his phone constantly, waiting for Miles to get out of surgery and be okay. Alya asks Jax to share some lyrics he wrote, which turn out to be pretty depressing. Alya suggests writing some more optimistic lyrics. In the confessional, he says, "I was just dumped by my girlfriend, and now my best friend is having a kidney transplant. How optimistic can I be?" At the start of the season, he wouldn't know and wouldn't care. But because of how much he now cares about Miles, it's crushing him.
  • Alya states "[Miles] means something to all of us," when talking to Bianca and Jax. Note that Alya and Bianca have/had canon crushes on Miles. This is a reference to how had abd miles are best friends.
  • Jax was the one to receive a text from Miles' mom after the surgery as opposed to either of the girls, both of which he's close too. Miles is closer to Jax than to anyone else in Keaton.
  • Jax has trouble being able to look at Miles post-surgery, like he's about to cry. Jax swallows hard after opening his laptop, the camera panning to Miles.
  • Jax mouths along to the lyrics of "Everything's Alright" before joining in. When they rehearsed, he did not sing along. The girls are a bit surprised when Jax joins in. Singing picks Jax's spirits up a bit.
  • When Jax sees Miles, Alya, and Bianca holding hands, he says, "Hey, I wanna get in on this." In that scene at least, he wanted to hold Miles' hand.

"Step Up"

"After the Flood"





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