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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Miles confessional season 1 episode 16

Season 1

I don't watch TV.

— to Jax, "The First Day"

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I know he probably thinks I'm like too cool or something but my situation is complicated.

— "The First Day"

It's complicated.

— "Groups of Two"

I told you it was complicated.

— "The Brightside"

Mr. Park's been giving me a special treatment because I'm sick. But I don't want the whole school thinking I'm the teacher's pet.

— "The Brightside"

I guess you should be careful what you wish for. But, detention isn't so bad.

— "The Brightside"

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This means safe.

— "Take Me Out"

Still means safe.

— "Take Me Out"

You know what I need? I need for you to leave me alone.

— to Jax, "In Their Shoes"

Why does everyone keep asking me that? I'm fine! I'm great! So why don't you, Jax, and everyone else just back off?!

— to Alya, "In Their Shoes"

Get Jax...

— to Alya, "In Their Shoes"

I have a kidney thing. A disease.

— to Jax and Alya, "In Their Shoes"

It feels good. Yeah. Now that my friends know that I'm sick. It's actually a relief, not talking about it only made it scarier and you don't talk about something, I don't know. It just grows into this monster. Jax, yeah. He's a good dude once you get over how annoying he could be. But without him, I might never have come clean. Having their support, Jax, Alya, it means everything. Just knowing that I can talk to them makes a lot less scary. I'm gonna be okay.

— "In Their Shoes"

I signed out the room. Not her. No way Cake Thief's going anywhere.

— "Sotto Voce"

This could really backfire.

— "Plays Well with Others"

Did she just say what I think she said?

— "Plays Well with Others"

Great. Does the entire school know I got dissed by Julie?

— "Plays Well with Others"

So, yeah. Today's been super weird. I asked out this girl. Let's call her Jennifer, and I got rejected. No big. Then out of nowhere this other girl, let's call her Alana. Alana asked me out and the thing about Alana is she's amazing. Of course she is. So then, it turns out that Jennifer might be sorta into me than Alana. I think I really screwed up. How did this happen? Whatever with Jennifer but if I ruin things with Aly-, I mean, Alana, I'll never forgive myself.

— "Plays Well with Others"

Hey, are we good?

— to Alya, "Hold On"

The last couple weeks have been Da Boheme this and Da Boheme that and it's driving me crazy.

— "Twelve Hours to Showtime"

I'm so stupid! I don't what's worse. Lying to Mr. Park or trusting Alya to be my partner. We've got less than 3 hours before we go onstage in front of the entire school and Alya still doesn't know the song or the harmonies. What if she forgets the lyrics or our voices clash? It's gonna be a disaster, or worse, after how we left things today, I'm not even sure Alya's gonna show. I could fail. This could be my last day at Keaton. No! No, stop it! It's not gonna happen. Alya will show. She says she's a professional. Well, now's her chance to prove it. Come on, Alya. Where are you?

— "Twelve Hours to Showtime"

Good thing she could dance.

— to Jax, "Restart"

I have a choice. Break her heart or give her hope.

— "Restart"

Um, what's that supposed to mean?

— to Mr. Park, "Eyes Forward"

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She's back? She's back!

— "Once in a Lifetime"

They found me a kidney donor.

— to Alya, "Da Capo"

Dude, we need to talk. Mano a Mano. [...] Stay away from Alya! [...] Alya's with me. Back off! [...] What did you say? [...] How do you know about that? [...] Don't touch me, buddy!

— to Austin, "Step Up"

Yeah, well I think about you all the time too! [...] I don't know! So, does this mean we're boyfriend and girlfriend?

— to Alya, "Step Up"

It's complicated.

— to Bianca, "We"

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