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Season 1

This is gonna be the best four years of your lives. Not to say it's gonna be easy, but it is gonna change who you are for the better. [...] Look around. The people sitting next to you are your family. Help each other. Support one another. Be each other's critics, fans, and, most importantly, friends. [...] If you need someone to talk to, my door is always open. [...] I think now would be a good time to get to know... [...] So, let's see what you're made of.

— to the Music Program freshmen, "The First Day"

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Okay, Alya. It's all yours.

— to Alya, "The First Day"

Mr. Gardner, late again! Congratulations! [...] Two more and you'll spend everyday after school emptying spit valves.

— to Jax, "Groups of Two"

As I was saying, this is one of my favorite assignments because you'll be performing a song from my youth. The 80's. Take inspiration from 80's artists like Prince, Madonna, Echo & the Bunnymen, and compose your own gnarly song. I'm splitting you into two groups. You'll be graded on technique, composition, and lyrics.

— to the Music Program freshmen, "Groups of Two"

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Jax, no phones allowed in my class. [...] I said no phones.

— to Jax, "Groups of Two"

Don't worry. You can try again tomorrow.

— to Miles, "The Brightside"

Ha ha ha! Come on! Let's go! Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter!

— to the Music Program freshmen, "The Brightside"

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Now that doesn't excuse skipping orientation. So, you and Jax, detention after school and I'm taking your cake.

— to Miles, "The Brightside"

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Settle down, everyone. You need your wits for our next assignment. Teams of two will join one of my more senior vocalists and your job, their producer. Mix and record their song by end of day.

— to the Music Program freshmen, "Take Me Out"

Kit and Denzel, meet Scarlett.

— to Kit and Denzel, "Take Me Out"

Yes, Bianca, forty percent. Yes, Bianca, you get to choose your own partners.

— to Bianca, "Dig Deeper"

Another room opened up for whomever wants one.

— to Miles and Julie, "Sotto Voce"

Alright, class. Today, we're going to create our very own a cappella pieces.

— to the Music Program freshmen, "Plays Well with Others"

Thank you, Scarlett for that lovely demonstration but we are gonna be doing a cappella groups.

— to Scarlett, "Plays Well with Others"

Do you see what happens when three different voices come together?

— to Scarlett, "Plays Well with Others"

Duet assignments begin today. We have Eleni and Portia, and Bianca and Jax.

— to the Music Program freshmen, "Hold On"

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Bianca, it's now or never.

— to Bianca, "Hold On"

You should've thought of that before you lied to me. Which I gotta say, I didn't think you were that kind of person. Oh, and call your mother. She wants to speak with you.

— to Miles, "Twelve Hours to Showtime"

Okay, Jax and his jokes are here. Miles, here. Bianca, here. Alya… Oh, right.

— "Restart"

Oh! Almost forgot. The theme of the Open House has been announced. It's We vs. Me.

— to the Music Program freshmen, "Eyes Forward"

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So, any brain waves for the big end of year open house?

— to the Music Program freshmen, "Eyes Forward"

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Ms. Blackwell? No calls in my class, Bianca. Put the phone away.

— to Bianca, "Lead the Way"

I'll explain that to you this afternoon in detention.

— to Bianca, "Lead the Way"

Mr. Gardner, what are you doing in here? [...] Go make them somewhere else.

— to Jax, "Lead the Way"

Fine. Detention it is.

— to Jax, "Lead the Way"

Hey! This is still detention.

— to Jax and Bianca, "Lead the Way"

Fantastic, guys! You really outdated yourselves.

— to Jax, Zachary and Miles, "Me"

Season 2

Ah. Welcome back, everyone. Hope you all had a great summer. You're ready to start this year with a bang. These three students are arguably the best musicians in this year's graduating class. And as a part of their independent study unit, they'll mentor a group of younger students. Just like an orchestra chooses their musicians, these three mentors will choose their mentees through blind auditions.

— to the Music Program sophomores, "And We're Back"

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Hope you two have a good reason for being off school grounds in the middle of the day.

— to Beckett and Carly, "In Your Eyes"

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