Milie is the non-canon pairing between Miles and Julie.



Miles and Julie become acquainted with one another during "The First Day".

Due to Miles steals Julie's cake[1], the two become enemies. After Miles helps Julie with her whisper room test, they make up.[2]

After Jax spots Miles and Julie talking, Jax comments that he thinks Julie likes him. To this, Miles asks Julie out on a date. The date doesn't happen but Julie suggests them hanging out together.[3]

It is most likely that the two have romantic feelings for one another.


"The First Day"

"The Brightside"

  • Julie attempts to greet Miles.
  • Julie gives her cake to Miles.

"Sotto Voce"

  • Julie calls Miles "Cake Thief".
  • Julie and Miles argue for the majority of the day.
  • Miles helps Julie with her Whisper Room test.
  • Julie and Miles exchange smiles.

"Plays Well with Others"

  • Julie approaches Miles.
  • Jax thinks that there is romantic feelings between Julie and Miles.
  • Miles wants to ask Julie out on a date.
  • Miles writes a song for Julie.
  • Miles makes Jax hack into Julie's computer in order to play his song and display the message about Miles asking Julie to go on a date with him.
  • Julie is flattered by the song and message.
  • Julie runs up to Miles.
  • Julie apologizes to Miles.
  • Julie tells Miles that his message was the nicest thing anyone has ever done to her.
  • Julie tells Miles that she wants to hang out with him at some point.
  • Alya is jealous about Julie and Miles talking (so jealous that she wants to break up with and never talk to Miles again).


  • Miles confides in Julie.
  • Julie advises Miles.



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