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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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My tracks will destroy yours!

Kit, to Jax

Please let it rain today.


I don't know what makes me more nervous: Auditioning for Bianca's mom or Bianca being nice to me.


I think no matter what he's wearing, all I see is him rejecting me.


Extend! Why are you not extending?!

Vanessa, to Sasha

I told you it wasn't right and you didn't listen to me!

Sasha, to Denzel

♪ Me ma me ma moo ♪

Bianca and Alya

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I think we found our young Mimi.

Mrs. Blackwell, to Alya

Victory is mine!


You got it, man. You got it.

Miles, to Jax

Dope track, right? Yeah, well it's not hers!

Jax, to the others

Wow. Like wow. I still can't believe I got the role. Bianca's mom chose me. The Da Boheme people already sent over a contract like a real professional document with big lawyer words and it was 15 pages long! And they set a meeting for me to meet the director, I have 3 rehearsals a week after school and another one on the weekend. It's a lot. Things are gonna be different from now on. Scary different but the good different. Bianca's advice to imagine I was singing to my mom really helped. I feel sorry for her. Bianca, I mean, not my mom. I can imagine my mom talking to me the way Bianca's mom spoke to her. I guess it makes sense now why Bianca is the way she is. Wow. Opening night in front of thousands of people. I'm gonna be in Da Boheme.


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