Carly Vanessa season 1 episode 1 "Ready as I'll ever be."

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What's in that room is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Maria Schiller

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"Once in a Lifetime" is the 19th episode of Season 1 of Backstage and the 19th episode overall. It was aired on July 21, 2016 on Disney Channel España. This episode has not been released in Canada.


Vanessa’s frustration with not being able to dance reaches a boiling point. Miles is shocked when a familiar face returns. Julie broadens her creative horizons with extraordinary results.


Alya returns to Keaton and spends a little time with Miles, but she plans to continue on the Da Bohème tour, in England. Before she possibly leaves Keaton forever, Miles brings Alya into the studio to record their duet, so she will remember him. When Alya reveals she is not happy on the tour, Miles persuades her to stay.

A scout from Julliard School comes to Keaton and notices Julie's dancing. Although she is not in the dance program, the scout offers her the opportunity to attend Juilliard, but the only day he is available to evaluate her happens to be the same day Julie is taking the PSAT. With all the increased pressure for her to keep up at Keaton, and now this latest opportunity, Julie gives in and pays someone to sit for her at the exam.

Vanessa struggles emotionally with not being able to dance, especially for the visiting scout. Maria suggests that Vanessa find an outlet to express herself during her down time. When she notices some street dancers outside, Vanessa offers to help them improve their technique, against Sasha's warnings about those people.







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