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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Miles Lennox. Miles Lennox, please report to the principal's office. Thank you.

— to Miles, "Take Me Out"

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Did you plagiarize your Keaton audition?

— to Kit, "Sotto Voce"

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Plagiarism has zero tolerance at Keaton. Without an explanation, you don't bring me much of a choice. You're expelled.

— to Kit, "Sotto Voce"

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Clean out your locker, gather any essentials from your classes and return to my office.

— to Kit, "Sotto Voce"

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Julie Maslany, my office. Now!

— to Julie, "Lose Yourself"

Unfortunately, that's vandalism.

— to Julie, "Lose Yourself"

Everyone, STOP! Back to your classes.

— to the others, "Lose Yourself"

What is wrong with this building?

— "Lose Yourself"

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Alya, I'm ready for you.

— to Alya, "Da Capo"

I am very happy for your success, Ms. Kendrick, but I really don't want this school to be a revolving door.

— to Alya, "Da Capo"

Congratulations! Incredible results.

— to Julie, "Verite"

Then I'm afraid we have a very big problem.

— to Maria, "Step Up"

Are you two sure that either of you know anything about this or that the sprinklers were part of the revenge plot against Julie Maslany?

— to Carly and Jenna, "Try Again"

Kit Dunn, come to the office. Kit Dunn, come to the office.

— to Kit, "Fallout"

You and you. With me.

— to Vanessa and Carly, "And We're Back"

All right. And ladies, welcome back to Keaton. Let's make it a great year. Huh?

— to Vanessa and Carly, "And We're Back"

You two! Down here! MY OFFICE! NOW!

— to Bianca and Kit, "Clear Eyes"

Good morning, Keaton! Congratulations! The CAMDAS were a huge success. Thanks to all of you. And a very special shoutout to our Prima dance team on their big win. Now let's carry that energy forward as things settle back to normal.

— "Prima Donna"

We have a problem. [...] You and math.

— to Miles, "Legacy"

Miles Lennox! Did you forget your own probation? I told you until you get your marks up, you are not allowed to do music. Inside, Mr. Lennox.

— to Miles, "Hope"

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