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Big is my brand, baby. ♪ Big, big, big, big, big. ♪

— Scarlett, to Kit, "Take Me Out"

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Scarlett Dunn (birth name Scarlett King) is a student and mentor at Keaton School of the Arts who is studying in the Music Program. She is also the co-student president and the older adoptive sister of Kit Dunn.



Scarlett was adopted by Nicholas and Amy Dunn at an unknown time and became Kit's sister.

Freshman year

She attended Keaton School of the Arts for a year prior to Season 1 as a member of the Music Program. When she started at Keaton, a girl named Trisha Marmaza called her voice nasally and made fun of her hair.[Reference needed]

Sophomore year

Scarlett is introduced while singing in the hallway,[1] and is later revealed to be mentor for the freshmen.[2]  

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Scarlett is known to have "monthly nodes scares" and she usually takes at least a day to recover.

Scarlett believes that she is having another nodes scare as the open house draws near, but realizes that she has a genuine issue. After going to the doctor, Scarlett discovers that she genuinely does have nodes and may never sing again.[3]



Scarlett tends to show-off her singing talent, regularly bursting into song to showcase her talent. Scarlett appears to be very confident and strong, but secretly fears that she is inadequate since singing is her one true talent, a fear the is amplified in the presence of Julie. Scarlett can be quite nosy. Scarlett struggles to work with others and has even been accused of having a "Beyonce complex."[Reference needed]

Scarlett is empathetic and kind, exemplified in her behaviour towards Kit. Scarlett is willing to stand up for what is right, regardless of who it may offend.

Physical Appearance

Scarlett has a light brown complexion and dark brown eyes. Her hair, which has been previously been subject to ridicule,[Reference needed] is curly and brown, but partially blonde.  



Kit is Scarlett's younger adoptive sister[4]. Scarlett is very protective of Kit, but only because she loves her. Scarlett and Kit occasionally fight due to their differing personalities, but ultimately work it out in the end. Scarlett and Kit are always there for each other.

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Julie one of Scarlett's closest friends. Scarlett often feels inferior to Julie due to how multi-talented she is, but is always motivated by Julie's words of wisdom.

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Scarlett grows closer to Denzel, especially after Julie is taken out of Keaton.[5][6]

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Scarlett is attracted to her Vice Presidents's brother which resulted in her choosing of the VP. Scarlett is usually confident but gets nervous around Aidan.

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  • According to Kit, she has a nodes scare every month.[Reference needed]
  • Scarlett used to try to straighten her hair to make it look more like shampoo commercial hair.[Reference needed]
  • Scarlett loves glitter.[Reference needed]
  • Scarlett claims to carry her waterbottle around all day, every day,[Reference needed] but she is rarely seen with a water bottle in hand.
  • Her middle name is June.


Season 1

Season 2



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