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Sloane is a member of the Drama Program at Keaton School of the Arts. She is the leader of a hip-hop dance squad called the Streets.



Sloane appears to be aggressive, but is soft once one gets to know her.


Sloane has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and curly dark brown hair. She typically dresses tomboyish.



  • They seem to be very good friends, as Vanessa choreographed dances for her hip-hop squad, The Streets


  • She used to dislike Sasha at first and didn't let him in the Streets because of his blog, TMK
  • After the blog was deleted, she permitted him to join the Streets


  • Both girls were leaders of opposing dance crews, which caused a rivalry between them
  • They danced together in one episode, which may hint at them warming up to one another


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Season 2



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