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I thought it was supposed to be a whisper room. Shouldn't it be quiet?

Miles Lennox

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"Sotto Voce" is the 9th episode of Season 1 of Backstage and overall. It aired on May 31, 2016.


Kit faces expulsion from Keaton if she doesn’t reveal her secret. Vanessa needs Carly’s help to impress Ms. Helsweel. Friction builds when Miles is forced to share studio space with Julie.


Kit is at Principal Durani's office the day after the DJ battle. Durani pointed out that the track that she used for the DJ battle was a DJ Diamond Mind original and that she claimed that it was hers. Kit tries to explain but he said that it doesn't end there, Durani had gone through Kit's files and her Keaton audition and they are all practically identical to DJ Diamond Mind. He asked if she had plagiarized her audition. Kit said she didn't and asked if she could explain. Durani was all ears but Kit just couldn't say anything. Durani tells her that Keaton has zero tolerance for plagiarism. With that being said, Kit gets expelled.

Vanessa struggles with her dance with Sasha. They are rehearsing for Step, Sister. Helsweel said that they both need more connection and was disappointed with Vanessa's lift. She asks Carly to take first position with Sasha. Carly admits that she sacrificed the lead role so that Vanessa can feel better about herself and now she's without the lead and without the guy. But she is determined to keep things professional. She does the dance with Sasha and Helsweel was secretly pleased. She tells Vanessa that she is the lead and she has to start dancing like one. Vanessa knows that she's going to need Carly's help.

Durani walks with Kit in the hallway to her locker. He tells her to empty her locker, get all her things from class and return to his office. Scarlett approaches Kit, asking her what is she doing. Kit tells that she's been expelled. She tells her that it as Jax who brought it to everyone's attention. Scarlett asks her what did their parents say and Kit clarified that they hadn't talked yet. Scarlett tries to convince Kit to find a way so she can stay in Keaton, asking her what will she do at a regular high school. Kit assures her that she'll do fine but Scarlett asks what if she herself doesn't. Since Keaton is a tough school, she needs her little sister. Kit is still not convinced and tells that after she gets her stuff from class, she's done.

Miles was drumming in the music room. Julie walks in. She immediately realized that it was him who took her cake last time and calls him Cake Thief. Miles asks her what is her call name and she replies that she doesn't have time for his sophomore jokes. He corrects her, freshman jokes. Julie tells Miles to leave the room since she got excuses from all her classes so she can work on her whisper room. Miles begins teasing and tells her that there's been a mistake, he booked the room for his multi-instrumental project. Julie calls out for seniority and again tells him to get out. Miles says that he has to get all his things together. Julie was fine with it; she was going to give him time so she can also get her things and tells him that whenever she comes back, he better be gone. She leaves the room. Miles says in his confessional that his instrumental assignment is due by end of day, saying, "No way Cake Thief is going anywhere."

Kit walks in the production class. Jax was sitting in his seat and when he sees Kit walking he says that it's a good thing he's there to protect the stuff since it might get stolen. Kit calls him the lowest form of life in the school and the good thing about being expelled is that she'll never have to see him again. Jax calls her a crook and she tells him to stop. He gave her other options like thief. Jax continues saying that he can't believe that she talked smack about Diamond Mind and used his song for the battle and calls her thief and poser. Kit becomes very agitated and was about to hit him. He immediately gets up from his chair and backs off. He says it's already on Sasha's blog, who also calls her a poser. Kit becomes very much upset and said that all that she played was original. Jax told her the only that's possible if she's DJ Diamond Mind and she said exactly. She revealed that way that she IS DJ Diamond Mind. Jax couldn't believe who she was because she's a 14 year old girl and DJs night clubs and break record charts; that's why she kept it a secret. To find out if she is really Diamond Mind, he asked her a trick question. She really did proved that she's DJ Diamond Mind.

At the girls change room, Vanessa approaches Carly and asks her how does she get her lifts to be so tight. Carly says it's just practice but Vanessa knows that there's more to that and asks for her secret. Carly says there is no secret but Vanessa discerned that there is. Carly admitted that she works hard, since she doesn't have Vanessa's natural ability to pick things up pretty fast. She adds that she works before leaving to school and afterwards in order to make the dance look easy. Vanessa asks her if she could help her after being embarrassed during the dance. Carly agrees and tells her to meet her at the quad.


  • Kit is DJ Diamond Mind.
  • Jax is aware of Kit's secret identity (DJ Diamond Mind).
  • Kit remains at Keaton School of the Arts.
  • This is where Vanessa orginally sprains her ankle, which leads to her not being able to dance the full midterm.
  • The episode title 'Sotto Voce' is Italian for 'whisper' which relates to Julie and Miles working on the whisper room.







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