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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Did you plagiarize your Keaton audition?

Principal Durani, to Kit

C'mon Kit. Help me, help you.

Principal Durani, to Kit

I can't. I just can't.


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Plagiarism has zero tolerance at Keaton. Without an explanation, you don't leave me with much of a choice. You're expelled.

Principal Durani, to Kit

You're my lead, Vanessa.

Helsweel, to Vanessa

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What's going on? [...] Ha! Sure you have. [...] Are you serious? [...] What are Mom and Dad gonna say? [...] I'll destroy him! [...] The point is you have to fight! You can't go into a regular high school! What are you gonna do?! [...] I know, but what if I don't? I need my sister here.

Scarlett, to Kit

I've been expelled. I used a DJ Diamond Mind track for my audition reel and Durani found out.

Kit, to Scarlett

It's you. Cake Thief.

Julie, to Miles

But if Cake Thief's my call sign then what's yours.

Miles, to Julie

I signed out the room. Not her. No way Cake Thief's going anywhere.


What?! Are you gonna hit me?!

Jax, to Kit

I'm already expelled! What's the difference?!

Kit, to Jax

Vanessa: Ow!

Carly: Are you okay?
Vanessa: Of course. I'm fine.

Jax: I just took it to see where you got your samples, but you made them because you're DJ Diamondmind!

Kit: Keep your voice down!
Scarlett: You! What's your problem?! You want to make my sister's life miserable?!
Jax: No, I have no idea she was DJ Diamondmind.
Kit: Will the both of you please keep your voices down!

Jax: Can I at least try it on first?

Kit/Scarlett: No!
Scarlett: Show it to Durani, explain, and stay at Keaton.
Jax: No way!


Principal Durani, to Scarlett

He'll be here any minute now. [...] Principal Durani, this is DJ Diamond Mind and this is his assistant. I'll let them take it from here.

Scarlett, to Principal Durani

This better work.


Another room opened up for whomever wants one.

Mr. Park, to Miles and Julie

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Thank the singing gods. Hallelujah, Kit's not expelled! If you ask me, I think Principal Durani's a secret DJ Diamondmind fan. He wasn't outwardly excited to meet him per say but I could tell he was pulling it in. If Kit had been kicked out, I didn't eve want to think about it. My sister belongs at this school and don't get me wrong, my voice is gorgeous. But, what Kit does with all of her knobs and buttons and wavy thingies, it's a genius! Her production always makes my songs better. She makes me better. So, yeah. If Kit got expelled it would've been a huge loss for Keaton and me. I'd really miss her. Maybe don't show this to Kit, okay? I don't want to embarrass her.


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