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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Julie Scarlett season 1 episode 3 "Are these songs in alphabetical order?"
"Of course! Also, they're organized by year and genre."

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Previously on a Backstage...


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Let's grab some coffees and go over the choreo.

Cassandra, to the other Primas

Vee, being with the Primas is your chance. But you need to learn your place!

Cassandra, to Vanessa

I'm sure the ideas will come. How hard can this be?


Vanessa: Guess what?!

Jenna: Zayn's coming back to One Direction?!
Vanessa: The Primas are giving me a chance to dance with them!

If she liked that, wait till she sees mine!


Next up, Denzel Stone.


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Of course he named it.


Did Julie Maslany, the Julie Maslany call my work derivative?


Did that just happen?


I can do this. I can do this


[gasps] Cassandra called me a warrior! Wow. That was the most difficult routines I had ever danced in my life. The whole time my stomach was a mess like Orson first day of school butterflies and drank so many of Carly's home remedies. You should've seen them. I'll save you the gory details. Thank goodness for Carly. Her idea to hide garbage bins on the dance floor, genius! But, to be honest, it was more than just puke buckets that got me through that dance. You know when Carly was there, cheering me on, I knew I could do it no matter how sick I felt.