"Stronger" is a song that Bianca performs for her project. Although Alya composed it, Bianca lies to the class that she composed it.[1]


When the fear has you paralyzed
And you can feel the tears behind your eyes
No-one's gonna catch you when you fall
The only way back up is to rise above
And stand tall

But you gotta be stronger
You gotta be wilder
You gotta be the first to the bottom, tryna get 'em 'til you got 'em and don't stop

Yeah, all the plans you made
All need to turn around and break
Hey, you got a thicker skin
Come on, raise your chin
You gotta
Brush off your knees

'Cause you can be stronger
And you can be wilder
When you're first to the bottom, now you know that you got 'em
This time
You were stronger

Episode used in


  • This song includes the words "stand tall", which is the name of the episode that it is performed in.



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