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Helsweel season 1 episode 1 2 "And again. And again, and again, and again, and again."

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Jax: You're good. You are really really good.

Kit: Yeah, I am.

— (Scene Taken from: The First Day)

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Lisa Dudley is the first to go. Who will succumb to the pressure and be the next to pack it in?


Kit and Denzel, meet Scarlett.

Mr. Park to Kit and Denzel

Well, this is gonna be great.


[On P.A.] Miles Lennox, Miles Lennox, please report to the principal's office. Thank you.

Principal Durani, to Miles

I hope he's okay. I mean, it must be tough living with a disease like that.


Sasha likes you!

Vanessa, to Carly

Big is my brand, baby. ♪ Big, big, big, big, big. ♪

Scarlett, to Kit

What now? And don't say less big.

Scarlett, to Kit

Scarlett: By making it boring? No way!

Kit: I am NOT doing it your way!
Scarlett: And I am NOT doing it your way!

Kit: Typical, Scarlett. Always wanting to boss everyone around.

Denzel: Ladies, can we all just get along?
Kit/Scarlett: No!
Scarlett: You think you know what the song needs so badly? Fine. You sing it!

♪ Take me out to the ball game ♪

Bianca and Alya

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Strike one!


This means safe.


Strike two!


Still means safe.


Look inward. Be honest. Otherwise, you may be the next person packing your bags and running home to mummy.

Helsweel, to Carly

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♪ I think there's something missing. ♪

Scarlett to Kit and Denzel

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Girl's got nerve.


Do you trust me?

Sasha, to Carly

I do.


I'll see you later for pierogi night.

Scarlett, to Kit

All caps: WHAT?! You don't look at all alike.

Denzel, to Kit

She's my sister, So I'll obviously see her later at home. [...] Because we're both adopted.

Kit, to Denzel

[explosion sounds] This explains so much!


So, the cat's out of the bag. Scarlett the Starlet is my sister. Not that it was a secret. I mean, we have the same last name. It doesn't take a detective but yeah. I guess I haven't got out of my way really broadcast to the world either. I love my sister. I do. But face it, a time she can be a little me me me and I'm just not comfortable with that kind of attention. I mean, who wants to be in the spotlight all the time. It's always been that way. There are these home videos of me and Scar. Family vacations, holidays, you name it. Scarlett's one singing, dancing, putting on a show. It's amazing, I haven't had any record from my childhood at all. But my dad, he'd always zoom in to find me in the background. Playing by myself or listening to a track on my headphones, lost in my own thoughts. So, yeah. That's what things have always been but I mean totally on her sure I could use a little more of her confidence. The thing is if no one's watching then no one has to see you fall, right?


Hey TMK! You're watching H2K How To Keaton with the one, the only, Scarlett the Starlet. Today, I'm going to teach you what every great singer needs to know: How to Lip-Sync. I'm joking! It's How to Take Care of Your Voice.


Scarlett, have you seen my English paper anywhere? Oh, sorry. Don't mind me.

Kit, to Scarlett

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