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Helsweel Maria season 1 episode 10 "There's always room for improvement."

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[Vanessa, looking nervous, waits outside of Keaton. Vanessa gasps as Carly approaches her. They hug.]

Carly: Ready?

Vanessa: Ready as I'll ever be.

[Carly holds Vanessa's hand and they both enter Keaton.]

Vanessa (Confessional): Here we go! (sighs) First day at one of the most prestigious art schools in the country. (she begins to look nervous and sighs).

[Carly and Vanessa walk inside Keaton, where many students are in the hallways.]

Vanessa: I've never felt this nervous.

Carly: Are you kidding me?! What about our third grade recital?

Vanessa: This is so much more.

Carly: Wow, that was a lot of nervousness... and puke!

(Vanessa and Carly quietly laugh.)

Carly: You don't have to be so scared, Vee, you're amazing. You wouldn't have gotten in if you weren't.

Vanessa: I wouldn't have gotten in if you hadn't made me apply.

Carly: You just needed a little nudge.

Vanessa: You're the best!

Carly: I know!

Vanessa: (laughs)

[Julie, with a camera, approaches them.]

Julie: Let me guess... dance with a concentration in ballet?

Vanessa: (confused) Um, yeah... how d'you know?

Julie: Say your names to the camera.

Carly: Um, I'm Carly but people call me Cee. And this is.

Vanessa: Vanessa.

Julie: And people call you Vee?

Vanessa: Yeah! Actually, they do!

Julie: Welcome, Vee and Cee. I'm Julie Maslany, your Student President!

[A girl barges past Vanessa and Carly. "Going Home" plays from the Dance Studio. Carly opens the doors.]

Carly: Vee! You've gotta see this!

[Vanessa approaches Carly. A group of dancers, the Primas, dance in the Dance Studio, with Cassandra watching them. Cassandra notices them, rolls her eyes and them and closes the door. Vanessa and Carly snigger.]

Carly (Confessional): Those dancers must be the Primas: the best dancers in the school! (excitedly squeals)

[Vanessa sees Miles.]

Vanessa: (gasps) So cute!

[Recording him on her camera, Julie approaches Miles who is carrying an electric guitar in a case.]

Julie: Freshman, Music Program, you look like you could be a drummer but you're carrying an electric guitar. And you're a singer too? I know, it's kind of a gift: I'm really good at reading people.

[Miles opens his mouth as if he was going to say something but remains silent and walks away.]

Miles (Confessional): (silent)

[Julie approaches a noticeably-nervous Alya.]

Julie: Are you okay? You look... a bit... in shock.

Alya: I do. (sighs) I mean, "I do"?

Julie: Don't worry: the first day of school is always intimidating. Just know that every freshman, scratch that. Every student here feels exactly the same; it's just that... some are better at hiding it than others.

Alya: Thanks! I'll try to remember that!

Alya (Confessional): Way easier said than done. (nervously laughs)

[Julie rolls her eyes as Scarlett sings while walking down the hallway.]

Scarlett: (singing) La, la, la, la, la, oh, oh, oh.

Julie: (sighs) Scarlett the Starlet!

Scarlett: (singing) La, la, la, la, la, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.

Alya (to herself): What am I doing here?

Denzel (to Alya): Conquering the world!

Alya: Here's hoping!

[Jax, with "Spark" playing through his headphones, bumps into Alya. Alya sighs and Jax chuckles. Julie records this on her camera.]

[Main title theme.]

[Transition scene with shots of the interior of Keaton.]

[In the Dance Studio, the freshmen are sitting down in front of Helsweel.]

Helsweel: Welcome to Keaton School of the Arts. Keaton is the key to your future. Whether it will be a success or a failure is completely up to you.

[In the Music Room, Park is speaking to his freshman students.]

Park: This is gonna be the best four years of your lives. Not to say it's gonna be easy, but it is gonna change who you are for the better.

[Dance Studio.]

Helsweel: The person you are today will not be the person who will graduate in four years.

[Music Room. Alya quietly enters, late, and sits down.]

Park: Look around. The people sitting next to you are your family. Help each other. Support one another. Be each other's critics, fans, and, most importantly, friends.

[Dance Studio.]

Helsweel: Statistically, only half of you will make it to graduation. And one of you won't even make it 'til Christmas. [to Jenna] Will it be you?

[Music Room.]

Park: If you need someone to talk to, my door is always open.

[Dance Studio.]

Helsweel: If you need a shoulder to cry on, go cry to your mother. Just like in life, this is not a rehearsal. You are constantly being judged. Constantly being evaluated. One misstep could mean the end.

[Music Room.]

Park: I think now would be a good time to get to know.

[Dance Studio.]

Helsweel: What each one of you is capable of.

[Music Room.]

Park: So, let's see what you're made of.

Helsweel: So, let's see what you're made of.

[Vanessa and Carly exchange nervous looks.]

[Transition scene with footage of the interior of Keaton. The instrumental of "Breaking Hearts and Taking Names" plays. Music Room. Bianca starts singing "Breaking Hearts and Taking Names".]

Bianca: (singing) Came down here / To this coffee shop / Made me learn a thing / Made me loosen up // Take a minute to / Work on my art / Not so lucky now / All I've been doing is // Breaking hearts...

[Jax turns to Miles. Bianca continues singing in the background.]

Jax: Isn't she the girl from that show? The one with the robot?

Miles: I don't watch TV.

Jax: Who doesn't watch TV?!

Miles: People who don't own televisions.

Jax (Confessional): Who does this guy think he is? He doesn't watch TV?! (scoffs) I mean, even his haircut reeks of pretention.

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