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This article contains spoilers from Season 1B (unreleased in Canada) and/or Season 2. If you don't want to learn what happens, do not read on.

The Primas were an elite group of ballet dancers at Keaton School of the Arts. It most consists of seniors except for a freshman who is enlisted into the group by Ms. Helsweel. The group was disbanded by Ms. Helsweel in Season 2.


The Primas was created at undisclosed time at Keaton. Since, it has been deemed as an elite and prestigious group that many dances can only dream of being a part of. The group's prestige is only elevated by the strict leadership of Cassandra. After auditioning for Ms. Helsweel, Vanessa is picked as the freshman who will be a part of the group. Although Vanessa believes this to be her big break, she is often bossed around by her elder peers and is subject to unwanted tasks such as doing laundry or cleaning mirrors. After a dancer becomes sick, Cassandra allows Vanessa to finally dance in the group and although she does so while sick, she is finally treated with respect from Cassandra. Cassandra begins to notice that Vanessa is not going all out during practices and, believing this to be a byproduct of her friendship with Carly as opposed to an injury, she tells Carly to stop being friends with Vanessa in confidence. Carly complies, although Vanessa eventually finds out and confronts Cassandra, resulting in her being kicked out of the group.

In Season 2, Carly is a judge for the Primas and the Grade 10 Dance Captain. Vanessa wants to quit The Streets to join the Primas once again. Carly expresses mild concern over this, but the two brush it off. As Vanessa is about to audition, she trips over a dance bag, injuring her ankle again. Instead, Beckett Bradstreet, a transfer student from an unnamed school, and Mindy, a freshman, are among the new Prima members. Sasha and Jenna disapprove of Beckett's acceptance into the Primas because he skipped class that morning, which they discuss briefly with another student. Unbeknownst to them at the time, they were discussing this with Beckett himself.





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