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It's time to call up the understudy.

Sasha Roy

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"The Understudy" is the 10th episode of Season 1 of Backstage and overall. It aired on May 20, 2016 on the Family Channel.


Alya’s newfound celebrity status at Keaton intensifies her rivalry with Bianca. Sasha comes up with a plan to win Carly’s friendship back. Scarlett loses her voice.


Alya walks into school and is surprised when a group of girls start talking to her until she realizes that her face is on the poster for the role she recently landed. She gains popularity, even before the musical's premiere, and is learning how to deal with the fame around a jealous Bianca. Miles tells Alya to be more confident and accept credit for her work.

After a poster advertising her role gets vandalized, Alya storms into music class and marches up to Bianca, thinking that she did it out of jealousy. Bianca argues that she did not do it but Alya presses that Bianca did it because her mum did not choose her for the part, this leaves Bianca in tears and she leaves the classroom. Miles holds out a marker pen and explains that it was him who vandalized the poster, for a joke.

Helsweel introduces the dance class to a famous alumnus of Keaton, Maria Schiller, who is a dance teacher with a mysterious past. She plans to work with the class as their upcoming dance show nears. Sasha feels the cold shoulder Carly has been giving him and wonders where he stands with her so he approaches Vanessa to ask her to be late to class in order for him to dance with Carly. After class, Maria praises Carly and Sasha for their dancing while Vanessa is with them, making Vanessa think that Carly is a better Cinderella than her.

Scarlett is worried she is developing nodes when her throat hitches while singing. While relaxing her voice, she notices how easily Denzel picks up her gestures and asks him to be her interpreter. Denzel goes around school helping Scarlett with her projects but after Scarlett finds out her voice is fine and starts talking again, Denzel feels used and leaves. Kit helps Scarlett realize what she has done and Scarlett thanks and apologizes to Denzel so that they can be friends again.







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