Helsweel Maria season 1 episode 10 "There's always room for improvement."

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This is a presumed timeline of Backstage.

Season 1

Season 1A is presumably set in 2014 as in "In Their Shoes", the signup sheet says "Tuesday, September 30" and the most recent September 30th on Tuesday was in 2014.

Date Episode
September 2014 "The First Day"
September 23, 2014 "Dig Deeper"
September 24, 2014 "Dig Deeper"
September 30, 2014 "In Their Shoes"
December 2014 "Twelve Hours to Showtime"
December 2014 "Showtime"
January 2015 "Restart"
May 2015 "Me"
May 2015 "We"

Season 2

Date Episode
September 2015 "And We're Back..."
October 2015 "Qualifiers: Day 1"
October 2015 "Qualifiers: Day 2"
December 2015 "Mixing It Up
December 2015 "In The Dark"
January 2016 "Prima Donna"

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